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3:47 pm

 some news
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so don't have anything to say realy, did drop my art for a bit cause i'm doing a new buisness, i kinda sell computer on ebay, so had to d a lot of work.. still no sell but nevermind,

i'm doing a pict for the birth day of my true love...

will post it if she'is okay,

anyway, did some of photoshop study the other day, as well as learning from the ground up how to do web site,

argh i forgot, i did actualy a album covert for a friend of mine, first real comissioned work and payed

kinda cool to get pay for your art..

the guy is well pleased and did ask for another one, as well as lot of friend that ask me to do there web site for them....

i don't know how to use dremwather for complex site but photoshop and image ready is good anouth,

i did see however that i had to addopt another view point on how to realise and creat website, i use to do with he same view point as i do my pict and illustration,
you know the color balance, and overall of the pict, like it has to be good whene you look at it glabaly without focus and a special part,

wich is actualy a prob for web site as people will actualy focus on text and information so my first web site was eyes candy, but totaly not readable

and there is other tric ans stuuf that i have to addapt... it's another all set of skill completly... but still fun to do, as you can creat interactif stuff and pict... or even animation.

still progressing on using c4d but my pc is so slow i can't do much and not animation wich is why i chossed c4d.. well if i sell anought computer i will buy a good one and do just this.. i have serval anim ready o be created,

and i'm dying to creat them....

anyway after all i had something to say. hoping now that someone read it

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