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8:15 am

 On Wednesday i met God
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On Wednesday i met God, he was shuffling along the Benches beside the Thames, an Old wrinkled carrier bag clasped to his chest. It may have held Stained newspapers, empty beer bottles or the Universe itself, or another better Universe to replace this early version. God looked with sightless eyes across the sparkling waters, he saw the joy of creation, the unpolluted original, where the view from his seat was clear waters and lush fields, as far as the eye could see.
Gods wrinkled parchment skin, began to crinkle, lips parted and curled to smile. There was a scrag of matted, patchy fur on a threadbare string sitting next to him, believing the Dog to be the Archangel Gabriel i slipped him the remaining half a bun from my MacDeforestation burger. However i was mistaken and the flea ridden pup was the fallen angel Belzebub finally tamed.

5:24 am

 The Deep Kiss
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My names Jack Jackson, everyone calls me Sid.
I'm a private dick, its mine so keep your hands off.
In a different City the Blue Lobsters took flight in Yellow cabs driven by Artichokes, which made it a very different city indeed.
She entered my office and breathlessly said; " Jack Jackson, i need you, i want you to investigate a murder"
Immediately my suspicions were aroused, as on the door it says Billy Tringle 'Terrapin Diatician'.
Dames can you figure them, Then she shot me dead.
Well that's a short book.

3:42 am

 I remember when all of this was fields
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I remember when all of this was fields, as far as the eye could see, from this hedgerow i'm standing next to, down past those open expanses of wheat, over the little wooden pooh sticks bridge across the crystal stream running babbling through the dell over there, past that copse, the haunt of badgers and crows, over to the right, where the Girl lays down, white dress spreading across hay, red hair flowing like lava tempting mice, and over across that far, old man climbing panting breath, hill where those fields are.
2 pair black socks.
6 bottles chardonnay,
2 herring
bag frozen chips,
washing powder
tin foil
and a banananananana

1:53 am

 It was a Dark and Stormy night
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It was a Dark and Stormy night, and the sun beat down on the tinder dry pavement. As i stepped on the cracks the wolf did not leap out at me. The Beast followed at my shadow its hungry jaws lapping at the air.
There was a Girl, slender, sleeping a gentle soul, with a dribble of drool sliding down from her pursed lips as she snored loudly in the seat next to me.
" We apologise for the delay to your life, normal service could be resumed as soon as possible"
Cat litter
Toilet roll
Six large tomatoes
and a Pencil.

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