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10:33 pm

 trolley add on package for free tower crane...
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I know, i should be dedicating my time to creating a premium tower crane model, but I must still demand quality even for a free model... in this light,  i now present the trolley motor add on package for my free tower crane.  this should really have been included originally, but i did not notice it was missing until sometime today, so i built and tested it tonight...

the trolley package:


the trolley motor package on jib 1: 


the trolley package in relation to the crane:


the download link for the trolley add on package: 

"hexagon2.5 tower crane trolley add on package"

1:43 am

 Tower crane model for hexagon 2.5
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I finally have brought my model tower crane to a point where I am ready to share it with hexagon users...
this is a free download. it is a .hxn file in a .zip archive. the download link appears below the pictures which are all image outs from hexagon.











here is the link:

"hexagon2.5 tower crane"

9:46 pm

 forgot to unhibernate...but it works...
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i am back online...working feverishly to create some sick hexagon freebies (beginning with a tower crane of course)
it works out that i forgot to tell everyone that i moved, since shortly after the move, my computer self destructed, a hardware malfunction that hopefuly did not compromise my previous work and content....
after trying to make a useful computer of the junk i have held on to over the years, i finally broke down and bought a new laptop. it works wonderfully, but it is cursed with the vista operating system.
i am learning to overcome, and have been 3d modelling almost non stop since i managed to get a successful install of hexagon 2.5 on the machine.
tonight i am going to review my stuffs here on rosity, i cant wait to download your stuff and upload mine!

11:06 pm

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I am severing the internet connection for a short while... it is not big news, but just in case you contact me or comment within the next [short while] I promise I am not ignoring you, I am unplugged, and the computer is locked up safe and warm in a mini storage...

8:48 pm

 ouch mainstream employment...
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I want to do some more rendering so badly! I have an airplane somewhere, gathering digital dust! My ISP called wanting money, but I forgot to water the moneytree, so I need to convert my time into money... Back into mainstream employment. Ah yes. Waking up early, Yes Sir, No Ma'am. At least I can earn enough money to keep broadband and buy some beers. Only the second payday and I am shopping for new modelling software... hehehe love it! I hope that when the little elves get done at the shoe factory, they will UV map my B-17. But then they would want a cut if I tried to sell it. Elves can be sneaky, just ask Santa...Santa tried to "outsource" the toys to China... I can't complain, even with some overtime, I still have enough time to visit renderosity and see how much better everyone else is at rendering things! Good work guys and Gals! Gives me inspiration and some goals to strive for.
What is a polygon? no no no I am kidding!
Stay safe, drink more, vote more and may the blessings of hot new software be upon you!

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