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9:48 pm

 Easier said then done
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Don't you just love those people that you encounter during your life that feel
the need to give you unsolicited (and almost always stupid) advice? You know the
ones I mean.. like the person behind you in line at the grocery store, who sees
you have Dandruff shampoo (or PMS medication, or foot fungus cream.. ect) in
your cart and leans over and starts this conversation...

" You know when
I had dandruff I slathered my head with mayonaise and wrapped plastic wrap
around my hair and then slept like that and it cured it right up.. and it was
sooo much cheaper and faster then that there shampoo!"..

Now you are
forced to turn around and try not to say what your thinking which is usually
something like.. Ummm... WTF!?!?! Now I'll never be able to eat mayonaise
again.. and/or EEWWWW do I know you? Seriously?!?! Why do I care about your
personal hygine issues or even better.. why are you sooooo concerned about what
I am buying?!? But NOOOO!!! You cant say that, so you smile graciously and say
"Really?!?! Thanks for the info but I really prefer the scent of this shampoo!"
Then attempt to ignore them and get out of there as fast as you can.

blog is and isnt about those people.. its about a type of that person.. you know
the ones WITHOUT kids who feel compelled to tell you what is wrong with
your parenting style or better yet how THEY would handle that situation
UMMMM...yeah.. you dont have kids.. so I
am sure your parenting experience is VASTLY superior to mine.. better
yet.. you dont have MY kids..better known as the minions of hell... the
screaming mimis..Barely controled chaos! Seriously.. my house sounds like wild
kingdom.. someone is always yelling, screaming, irratating someone else.. its
never ending, from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep, someone is
always crying, screaming, jumping, fighting,... I could go on.. but you get the

So today I take my daughter to the Dr. and she is soooo hyper
and she is touching everything, fiddling with everything.. singing at the top of
her lungs, jumping, runing.. fidgitting..
Sit down, stand up, run around the
room.. sit down, press this button.. poke moms leg.. climb on moms lap.. poke
mom again.. run around some more.. which in real time sounds something like
"Rhi stop that.. Rhi sit still, Rhiana...sing more quietly, Rhi stop
poking me.. can you sit in your own chair and not on top of me please?.. no you
cant run down the hall and see whats making that noise.. sit down.. dont pull
the leaves off that plant... *Sigh* sadly we go on like this for a full 30
minutes in the waiting room..*double sigh* By that time I am just worn down..
tired and want to get the appointment over with because I know we have the car
ride home and then the chattering, running, jumping, singing and screaming of
the other children will join in once we arrive home *triple sigh*

minutes into our wait.. a woman (who had already cooed at how beautiful Rhiana
was and how she wished she had found the time to have her own children and looks
to be about 50) turns to me and says.. you really shouldn't tell her to stop so
much..or to calm down and sit still so often.. she is a child.. they are so full
of life and energy and if you keep telling her no or stop she will lose that
zest that makes them young...Then she preceeds to inform me.. If I had had
children I would never try and stifle thier love of living..

That, right
there, was where she lost me.. or at least I lost it.. any desire let my
rational mind make me smile and nod at her...nope wasnt gonna happen..All I
could think was First off this is NOT your child.. you dont have any.. remember
that fact , you old busbody?!?!? Second since you dont have any children I dont
particularly care about your hypothetical parenting plan or skills.. trust me..
if you want to work on your parenting plan I can arrange for you to borrow my
kids for a week.. Then we can talk about what you feel is an appropriate way to
deal with children..But alas as much as I wanted to say that did I? noooo of
course not because my mother.. with her wooden spoon, spank first, question
later discipline tactics, taught me to respect my elders.. so what I end up
saying is "Thank you, I appreciate your imput, but since you dont know me or my
children I think I will stick to my own methods"
Thank you.. thats what I
said.. why??.. why am I thanking a mindless busybody?? Who the hell knows..
maybe I need to dunk my head in Mayo :(

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