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3:32 pm

 Leaving in 6 hours for Pensacola for surgury
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Well it's finally here I leave in less then 6 hours for my trip to Pensacola, Florida for my GB & Hernia surgury. Typing up some loss ends here and making sure my 4 cats have plenty to eat since I won't be back till Saturday. At least the kids will be by to check on them make sure they have water and feed out dog which is in the back yard. Taking me a few books with me to read all of them good old Paranormal novels. Can't wait to see what comes out of these novels when I get back on the computer.

12:35 pm

 Just blogging
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My two Kids Gabrielle and David are out now on spring break for the next week so I won't be on the computer as much since Gab like to play her games online and I have to share time with her to keep her from fighting with David. Still really tired and hurting inside will be glad when the 11th get here for the surgury. Haven't been eating very much of anything just nibbles of things mostly soft stuff. Today if I feel a little better I'll try my hand at a rendering. I did late last night but wasn't happy with the results on a portrait just didn't come out the way I want. I'm wanting to work to photo realism on my images more maybe not in my fantasy stuff but the stuff that looks like it's in our time yeah I think it needs to be photo real. Especially skin textures. Defiantely want to learn how to do that. I have Cararra 5 Pro but don't think it can do that yet until I up grade it. I'm wanting to create clothes and figures stuff I'm not seeing probably more male stuff since that's not what I'm seeing. I know the complaint with a lot of the writers I know are that the Artists don't want to draw pictures who include sexy looking guys only the sexy females. Well I'm trying to render that. I have a bunch of writer friends I've met thru my space and a writers e-group trying to learn what they need for possible illustration work. You never know!

9:15 pm

 Going in the Hospital the 11th, Appreciation to everyone for moral support:)
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Been working hard to build a portfolio up of art trying to show that I can be versitil in subject matter. Trying to produce about 3-4 pieces a day hasn't been easy. I've started working on Fractal Art also and trying to get back into working with Bryce, but it's been so long since I've used it hard to get the feel for it again. I also got a download of Terragen which I've worked in before to see if it's easier to work in then Bryce which it's now been incorporated into my Daz Studio.

Have to get as much done the next two weeks because after the 11th I know I'll probably not be that productive being Post-Op from Gall Bladder and Hernia surgury. I'll be having that done in Pensacola 5 hours away from here.

I'm really pleased that everyone seems to be enjoying my Artwork. I'm putting as much of me into as possible which hopefully it comes out in the emotion factor because facial expressions and body language say everything in images. Color and lighting is great, but if the image doesn't feel what is trying to be expressed with the image I feel like I'm not accomplishing what I'm suppose to be doing.

Thanks everyone for your moral support your keeping me rendering and dreaming.

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