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9:43 am

 Offshore Technology Conference!!!!!!!
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OTC OTC OTC is on my 3rd to the 6th and i tell you what i been working my butt off making the flyers and graphic panels for my company, because our precious marketing director didnt decide to start the project 2 weeks too late and damn we are running a dead line!!!!!!!! i hate running late, but oh well...........If anyone is in the houston area and would like a free 4 day pass to OTC2010 let me know lots of oil companies there and lots of job opportunities this year....


12:22 pm

 Silience must be heard!!!
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well everyone knows i'm crazy, specially now for having this NIN enigma craze! someone help!!!1 i cant stop listening to NIN's Ghosts I-IV! I love this instrumental/noisy combination that makes Trent Reznor music!!! Life sucks, and than it takes your one thing away from you and expects you to be ok with it. But i'm not!!! i hate life for taking my dad away from me. But on ething is good about life... is when life gives you Trent Reznor, He makes kiss ass music!!!! LMAO to get to the point! NIN's music has kept me in a different dimention!! its like i know my dad is here listening to NIN and all the music we both liked together!!!! i recomend everyone to DL 34 ghost IV and go out the ocean or beach at mid afternoon and just blast the freaking stereo and see what i am talking about!!!! you dont have to be a hardcore metal head to like NIN!!!! you just need an open mind and have music in your heart, just like you have poser in you heart have the sence of music in ya!!!!!

well i'm done blabbing....you can tell i'm really bored!!!!!


8:15 pm

 Some news
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Well been resting for a while, since i went to argentina for a oil expo....buenos aires was awsome...anyways got some new music for inspiration some C ombichrist and some more rammstein. so soon i will have some artwork posted... and also got mojoworld from my stepdad so will be posting new landscapes.....


ICH HAB KEINE LUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:25 pm

 Moments in Love!!!!!
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the funny thing is that i was born in 1983 but some how i know and love the art of noise, and jimmy is 36 and had no freaking clue who they were????? LMAO well i got this song stuck in my head and is my new inspiration song for my new image and character. i cant stop listening to that song, be the original ver. or all 4 remixes. i think my next step is to get me a piano and start playing it on the piano.... i got NIN already i think i can do The art of noise also...


4:05 pm

 Just another Day!!!
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Well its been one hell of a year and its not over yet. I finally went back to doing some art, and got lots of inspiration for new characters and some new images. the first Char. is Fallujah and bariba. bariba is V4 and is still in progress. She might not have textures so is why she might be in the freestuff pretty soon. Fallujah is for gloria and i set her aside for a while because havent had time to finish her morphs. Other then poser its been really busy at work, the oilfield is always demanding and stressing. but i always said i was destined to work in the field, both my dad and stepdad work with it so why not me...LMAO so i hope everyone is doing good also, because this year is almost over and next year will be better because its not odd number is even.....

hugs to all


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