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1:34 am

 I do have a gallery here too ya know!
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Wow, i've here going on about 11 years, been working with Poser since the inception of Poser 3, and it was on Curious labs. I have Poser 8 but choose to use Poser 6.

My work has grown over the years. Not once have i ever been considered for AOM. Why is that?

 What is my work not good enough. So Sorry! im not into Trekky crap, D & D types, or Star Wars. I do however make some pretty cool Pin Up pieces, with original Face works, and body morphs. I am mostly known for my face work.

 My proudest moment as of late, was breaking the original top 50 art charts a few times this year. This was before you brought back the "dreaded" Top 20 charts. Maybe you should consider artist that are not in the popular circles.

There are alot of us out there. I'll pit my work against your current candidate list anytime.

Save for Morris, Jenny Sjoberg.and Nightsong. because they've been here awile.

Maybe next time huh?

That is my rant for the year.



7:25 pm

 Freebies: Dead Links
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Wow since you all have upgraded the important parts of the site, now we need to clean up the free stuff section. There seems to be a large amount of dead links. Vendors like Croxie, Tablesaw, Bogwoppet, to name a few need to update, or someone needs to up date their stuff.

For those who actually have working links, Love your stuff.

So whoever is incharge of the freebies section you need to contact these vendor, let them know they need to update.


Ok everyone have a great weekend..

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