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11:28 am

 Change LinkedIn Passwords Today!
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Heads Up:
If you, like millions of others, have a LinkedIn account:  CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD TODAY!!

Both Yahoo! news and articles on the LinkedIn front page have posted warnings that millions of passwords have been leaked and that, if you have an account, you need to change it immediately!  

LinkedIn is posting updates via Twitter (@LinkedIn) regarding their investigation but, as of this writing, they themselves have not confirmed the report.  Still, changing/updating passwords never hurts!

Now back to your regularly scheduled day of creativity. :D

12:58 pm

 Puzzles, and Pictures, and Games, Oh My!
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One could say that I've been more than a bit absent, lately, and they'd be completely right. Where normally I'm not the most talkative sort in the world, school has been absorbing enough of my time lately to turn me into nearly an absolute recluse. Lucky for me, though, the people around me are amazing, wonderful and patient enough with me to put up with my many flaws.

Speaking of such persistently resourceful individuals, the absolutely stunning and talented Bea at RuntimeDNA has started turning my pictures into digital puzzles!!! Its so completely cool!!!

The very first one, based on "Saving the Lost Race" can be found as a freebie, here.

In addition, there are three (THREE!) more pairs of puzzles -plus- a bundle of all six together, that can be found here on Bea's merchant page!

It's just the most amazing and cool thing that has happened to me in a long time. I can count on one hand the number of times that I've actually made or sold a print in my entire life, but now they're up in a form that anyone can play with and enjoy. They're a ton of fun, too!!! And TOUGH! OMG! I'm stretching mental muscles I forgot I had!!!! LOL!

9:56 am

 Vote for the Cover of Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012!!!
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Lantern AvatarFirst there were many.

Then there were few.

A single task.

A secret ingredient.

A fiery new environment to render in.

In the last few weeks, an unprecedented Iron Render Challenge has been secretly brewing behind the scenes.  Artists delved into the heart of Poser 9/Poser Pro 2012 Beta to unearth a startling array of features, driving against time with a brand new set of tools to craft an image that exemplifies all that is Poser.  In the wake of the chaos created, only four images still stand amidst the growing calm.  But, only one can be chosen.  Who has the POWER to decide which one will become the cover art for the very next version of Poser?


VOTE HERE!  It's YOUR turn to decide which image will make the final cover of Poser Pro 2012 and decide which artist emerged as Iron Render Champion!

Further information regarding the newest version of Poser may be also found on that page, as well as a link to the pertinent topic at the RDNA Forums. :)

3:57 am

 Cleaning Up and Archiving
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I recently had it brought to my attention that my gallery is not up to date!! I am quite embarrassed to admit it, but there are quite a few images that have slipped through the cracks over the last year. Some of them were made for contests that wouldn't allow the image to be posted elsewhere until the contest was over (and I simply forgot by that point), some were personal pictures given as gifts, some were test images done to see how a specific model or texture worked, and others were just for the fun of play. :) So, if you see a bunch of images uploaded it's mostly me catching up as I go through and clean up my hard drive, archiving old files and posting those that got missed!!

I have a number of images and documents made for school that I have also not yet uploaded, but I so strongly want a chance to polish up and work on those that I'll hold off on posting them yet.

1:01 pm

 On the Road with Blondie's New Star!!!
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While Blondie is on the road to release her new big star, I thought I'd put up a few teaser images showing just a few of the many, many different views of the starlet in action. :D

Keep an eye peeled here for more teasers as they're uploaded to the Renderosity gallery!  Click each image to see it in detail on its Renderosity gallery page!!!

Pop Diva by Blondie9999

Pop Diva by Blondie9999

Pop Diva by Blondie9999

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