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 Here I am
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I've been here technically as far back as 2005 but I had to re-join in 2007. I've been trying to develop as a 3D artist.  I think with every piece I am better.
I have recently started using Gen 4 people. I never liked how doll-like V4 looked in her base state. I waited for decent morphs and textures to come out a long time before then. Then of course the elites came and then M4! I was amazed  by M4. So it feels awkward that I am using V4 now but I am holding onto V3 and M3 as long as possible and I really wish that people would make combo packages of things for both Mil 3 and Mil 4s--like poses! There's a great number of poses I have that are awesome for V3, though probably because she's been around longer. In fact, I'd love it if some of those poses could be remade for V4 too. I wish you could convert poses, in fact.
Since I am new to texturing, I try to texture on V3 first so if you stil like her and her male counterpart, keep your eyes open! ^_ ^
Meanwhile, has exploded with new life since they added official groups to their site. People join groups of every subject and because of that, our art is getitng even more exposure than before!
Most of them ask for only our best work so now I find myself trying to figure out what my strongest pieces are. I have a pretty good idea of what I think they are but I  also think I'm biased! ;-)

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