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1:05 pm

 What I want from sellers
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I've been on Rendo for some time. I always use to like to create my own art pieces, but I see this is more a poser and other art software site lately. It's okay. I don't mind comng up with some ideas to do a piece of work.

Only thing is this...I wish folks who do these beautiful poser dolls would do them like my favorite artists, Folkvanger, SwtMelody, and Jaquarwomen, Bez and moonwalker, anastasia ( spelled wrong sorry). They work hard to help artists like myself, to take their work, and display it with our own imaginations for all to see and hopefully buy.  

Oh another I've gone bonkers for is Leilana of Germany. She has the most adorable little characters that I've seen. This is why I love using her little characters.

The poser files are formatted so it's transferable to other programs.  Making them into either tubes, psd, png etc.

I want to buy more here, but not anymore backgrounds. I've got oodles of them already. I want more poser dolls that I can use with the fantastic backgrounds I bought off of Svea for instance.

Listening Sveva, I love your backgrounds and I appreciate you sending me "Candy" poser's, but I can't use them if they aren't psd or png..etc.

Please remember I don't have poser program. 

Thanks I hope I can get some interesting things in my mail in the future. Those of you who send me backgrounds...keep sending. I love everyone's work. Help keep me motivated...LOL

11:37 am

 It must be the timing
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Woke up this morning filled with a head of ideas and thoughts. Mixing and blending, shaping and designing, creating a slider for halloween, updating a web, keeping my skills updated, editing music to the movie. What fun.

I can honestly say it was a productive morning for sure.

I wish I could capture this and bottle it and use for the times that the brain goes south moments.

5:17 pm

 Inspiration hits me sideways
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I told myself're not doing any art of any kind today...the brain is dead sort of.

Read some art books, cycled for abit and then it hit me like a ton of brain woke up from la la land.

I got some work done and finished my deadline and I was thrilled. Now let's hope the light stays on for more work...

It's best to not cram too much all in one and let it flow through you...other wise you stare and nothing and do nothing.

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