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5:29 am

 Real Life...
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Haven't been to work in a coupla days. They've initiated a new policy that's just bugging the crap outta me and, thankfully, I've got enough days accumulated where I can just step away for a time.

This is my first full time job in ten years (my second year here) and I'm still getting used to the idea that I have to do what I'm told. It's a bitch. Following rules has never been my strong point. I do understand it's what ya gotta do if you wanna keep the job. Just doesn't make it easier to stomach.

So I've just been sitting around the house rendering and watching television. Like I used to when I was freelance.

I miss the ol' days.

There's a book out there somewhere I always wanted to read. Basically some writer just jotted down quotes heard around New York City and compiled them. One of them was a woman sighing and saying, "I miss being rich."

Don't know why my current situation's making me think of that. But it does.

11:00 am

 The Bourne Ultimatum
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Caught the Bourne Ultimatum. Again. What a great movie. Intelligent. Adult. Unafraid that it's not appealing to the lowest common denominator. Wish there were more action flicks like this. And the more I'm seeing of Matt Damon, the more I'm liking him. He's really a good actor.

6:14 pm

 Blog Entry
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I've tried to start one of these before. Once. Never got far. Exactly one entry. Probably won't be different this time either. :) I've just never been good at recording my thoughts, which is, of course, a disaster trait for a writer. :(

But who knows? Maybe this time'll be different. Maybe I'll jot some notes from time to time. Maybe I'll blow your socks off with some starting revelation that'll change the face of humankind. Or I'll draw tears as I pour my heart out.

Or maybe I'll just talk about a cat I almost ran over...

Are you a tingle yet?

Hey, you could've lied...

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