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12:47 am

 Tooting my own horn!!
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I just got email from a small candy wrapping/party favor company that have used my Mardi Gras kit for their products!

That totally ROCKS!!!!! I'm so excited and nowhere to strut & crow like rooster!!!
I may not get any money out of it but I DON'T CARE!!! I'm stunned that my digital creations are on real, tangible products!!! WOOOOOOOO YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH GO MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ROFL!!!!!

I'm so ordering some to show off to my family & friends!!!
Wanna see???

*Does the Happy-Chicken-Dance*
Yep, I'm happy happy happy!!!!!! :D

9:24 pm

 ARGGGHHH!! PLEASE!!!!!!! Native American Rant!!!
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OK, I've looked at several "authentic" Native American products both free & merchant...would it be TOO MUCH to ask for HISTORICAL ACCURACY!?

One major pet-peeve! Totem poles should NEVER EVER be mixed with teepees!!!!!!
Teepees are Plains tribe shelters! Plains tribes were nomadic following the buffalo herds, they wouldn't be lugging huge Totem poles around!
Totem poles are from the Northwestern Coast tribes! Big huge tall trees & forests are abundant! The tribes were stationary so they didn't have to keep moving around so they could keep huge totem poles!

Another pet-peeve! Mixing tribal symbols & patterns in clothing!!
A kopapelli (flute-player) is NOT A PLAINS TRIBAL SYMBOL!!!! It's Southwestern!!! Don't put a damn kopapelli pattern on a Plains buckskin fringed dress!!!
Same for Navajo, Hopi, Comanche & Apache symbols & patterns! They are Southwestern!!!!!

I swear, some of these "authentic" Native American products are about as "authentic" as Taco Bell being real "authentic" Mexican food!!!


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