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2:55 pm

 A Feeling
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Monday, July 21, 2008 
a feeling

as I sat I watched the dark greyblue clouds move under a veil of brighter dark red to yellow gold higher clouds that filled the sky I pressed my flute against my lips and released my breath to fill the world around me with it's sound,I looked apond the world as I played a melody that was made by the feeling I felt as I watched the earth and all it's wonders live before me,there was the wind wiched blew in small angry burst then there was the trees wich tolerently endured what ever came to it's preasence,there was the sky wich to me seemed as it were the face of the earth,I saw my dogs panting and waiting,I can hear lone churps of rousting birds as the sun sunk lower and then I can hear the resonance of the sounds I was making,the progression of notes that were in perfect tune mingeling with the world,I thought of songs I had heard that spoke of the earth and her spirit.then I noticed the wind change and the feeling seemed that I could understand the attention I was recieving and in that could understand the feelings of that with was giving me attention,then I felt a sadness and pain,as though someone I loved and who loved me was dieing and in pain.I understood that this feeling came from the world.

so,I played my flute for the world,I preformed for the trees and the sky and the earth.I played a feeling of joy to them and love to let it know it wasn't alone.I'm sad too I said with my notes but I hold such joy to see you now,so I ended my song on a high note.As the last note faded into the wind I could sence eturnity,and the earth can was though she and I stood together watching the sun set and the wind blew,and the song sang in my mind,oem getche kaya

7:04 pm

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I'm haveing a lot of trouble creating 3D scenes useing premade plugends that make an 3D object or objects exsplode of do other things after textures have been applied .Now I know all about how exstensive the data for these processes are but the render times are coming out to like a thousand hours for simple txt objects and the such,my question is what computer set ups are the best for doing offline three dee scenes is it somthing with a large catch or what processor is better or how about what settings can be done to improve the speed,ive been working with computers for about 20 years more or less a big time gamer so I know quite a bit about them but what I'm looking for is sombody that might have some inside information that could really help me out with this ,it's hard to get any real information that can help me on this subject anywhere eles other that a artest website such as this,most of the time I talk with computer people for sales or other things they seem to act like I'm some retard that just need to buy more hardware,I'm already useing a pentiem 4 with 3 gigs of ram and the XP os with an additional graphics card that had 256 megs extra and yet the data seems to still be as slow as christmas,even after I have reformated the hardrive in order to erase any programs that could be interfering, so is there anybody out there that has a better education than I do that could give me some coaching on this??

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