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11:35 am

 New Release of Poser Overwhelms SmithMirco
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If you were one of the many people who got caught up in the pre-release frenzy that surrounded the release of Poser Pro 2012 and Poser 9 who immediately cashed in their vouchers for physical copies of the popular software - don't rush to abandon the old copy of the software just yet.


While no official statement has been release by the softwares distributor, inside sources have stated that the overwhelming response to the release of the popular product has caught them off guard.


There is a long "line" of orders to pack for shipping - so don't worry if you haven't gotten your tracking numbers just yet. They are asking users to be patient while they process orders in the order they were received.

11:21 am

 Once the image is finished - what do YOU do with your saved poser files?
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As I was saving some changes I made to one of my last poser files (before hitting render and stepping away from thew computer for awhile) - I looked at all the files from previous imges that have already been tweaked, rendered, post-worked and posted. I wondered what you other users do with those file once the image is finished. Do you save them until the end of time? Or do you delete them as soon as you're happy with your work?


I can tell you I have files saved (somewhere) from when I used Poser version 3 that I never did anything with (and won't now) .... likewise I have other files just laying around of unfinished stuff.


Do you give yourself a time limit to finish an image before deleting it forever or moving it to an external storage system?


Feel free to chime in!

1:14 pm

 A/C Stupidity
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About two weeks ago - one evening we noticed, by complete accident that there was water coming up from between the wood lamenant floor in the master bedroom. My first thought, being so close to the A/C cabinet was to pull the cover off and take a look. Sure enough there was about an inch of water in the bottom of the cabinet.

A phone call to the landlord produced the sugestion of pouring bleach down the drain line to clean out the clog. Brilliant idea ... it seemed to work. When the landlord's trusted A/C guy came over the following day he "checked" the unit - said it was low on coolant and that it probably wasn't a clogged drain line that caused the flood.

Ever since that visit at a certain time of day the house seems to warm up. The outside unit (which my father says is suppose to throw hot air) only produces luke warm air. And today .. the flood retuned again - this time we were about to catch it before more then a cup or so of water hit the ground - but the lamenate floor is partially ruined (glad I didnt buy new boards to fix it myself).

This "trusted" a/c guy is taking our landlord for a ride all the way to the bank. Last week he was next door at her other property for the 2nd time in two days to re-fix their a/c which he half butt "repaired" the day before!


Sometimes there are perks to not being a homeowner - but if i was i guarantee you that this wouldn't be happening again!

4:13 pm

 Wishlist Wash-Out
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I'll be the first to admit that I have a real bad habit when it comes to my wishlists (here and on other sites as well). When funds are tight - I seem to load my wishlists up with items from every catagory and genre. At first blush these are awesome - gotta have it items that I will, no matter the cost, get ..... eventually.


However, when lady luck smiled upon me and I headed right to that ever growing list of digital goodies, I was determind to make the most of my $25! I then found myself re-examining the items on my list more carefully. I also, happened to notice a few things were no longer there .. guess they must have expired while I was waiting for mad money to find my pocket.


Now, as I go through the long list. I am paying more attention to the quality, quantity of things included as well as the versatility of each item and the cost. Plus, I have found myself reading reviews more then ever before. Some items I was on the fence about have been nixed by less the favorable reviews.


I'm still debating and trying to pinch every penny. :0)

9:32 am

 Evicted By Family
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Well if I disappear for a while its because my mother-in-law evicted us out of spite from a home we were suppose to have been given.

When we finally get settled in - hopefully we'll have some internet access.

Peace to everyone!

Keep on rendering.

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