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6:42 pm

 Oh Happy Day!
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At last xDresser has support for the G2F and Terai Yuki. I was hard pressed not to buy both, but I restrained myself by remembering I can't convert for two figures at one time.

This is shaping up to be an expensive period in the addiction. Carrara 6 is out and I intend to upgrade from 5 to 6 Pro. DPHoadley's remap of V4 should be out within the week. Of course, the whopping (for Renderosity) 30% off on any purchase of more than $15 has not done my budget a damned bit of good. I can't afford to keep saving money.

I want the license for xDresser's Terai Yuki, as I mentioned above, plus I'm seriously considering getting P6 James. He never got much play, but I've always thought he was an attractive figure. Hmmmn, think I'll hold out for the G2M xDresser license. With P6James, there would be the issue of hair and textures. Hair, at least, for the G2 men is covered with the hair converter.

3:27 pm

 P7 People Revisited
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You know, I admire the fact that Content Paradise is valiantly trying to keep support for the Poser 7 (and G2 line) available...

Having said that, these new "around the world" apparel outfits... How come the models always look so embarassed?

I keep thinking-- hoping, really, that some brilliant texture artiste will step in and make of them something that's useable, but it hasn't happened thus far. I mean, it's good that they've breeched a niche that's not mined but still, I can't think of a single thing to render with Bulgarian or Dutch traditional outfits.

Now, the jacket and the trousers on the Dutch male outfit look salvagable-- plus you get that groovy necklace (jewelry for the men is always nice), the Bulgarian men's outfit also looks like it could be adapted to something more useable-- but it also looks like it should be dynamic, I think, from the way it looks like it could slice bread, that it's conforming. Sidenote: You'd think they'd say (pet peeve-addressed below).

The G2Fem Dutch outfit does come with hair. And looking at it more closely, it might be useable with a different texture. Hmmnnn... I have been looking to try my hand at texturing...

But that G2Fem from Bulgaria. Like the scarf and that's all I'm saying. Well, about the clothes at least.

The big question remains, why does the maker of these items (e-Frontier) think I want a who's who of Bulgaria/Holland along with assorted trivia about those two countries in lieu of information about the items I'm about to fork over money for? Rather than tell me whether these clothing items are conformers or dynamic, I have learned: "A developer of the combined oral contraceptive pill, Carl Djerassi is of Bulgarian descent." WOW! Better watch Jeopardy tonight.

9:09 am

 Opinions Galore - Today's topic G2 support
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Well, I've decided that since I have all these opinions, I might as well keep them somewhere... and everyone else is doing it. I'll try to stick to Poser/3D/CG issues here.

I would really love to use the P6 characters, but I never really use any character until I have choice. Some people plot out what they're going to render. I tend more towards freeform-- open Poser and hope something clicks. When you work that way, you really need a selection of textures, clothes, hair etc. So far, I'm not really finding the selection. Hair is no problem with Netherworks excellent hair conversion modules. Clothes and textures have been a little lacking. OR should I say quality clothing and textures in a genre/style that I would like, have been lacking. I've seen some quality textures, but that's when I noticed something that's triggering this mini-rant.

Vendor-Artists are generally pretty quick to tell you they won't do something because it doesn't sell. I've been noticing (at least one vendor) that has textured millennium figures and now has a few excellent looking skins available for the G2 figures... But why are they priced so much higher?

Is it:
a) the G2 figures are harder to texture?
b) the dearth of quality textures for these figures make it a seller's market? or
c) fodder for the future excuse that they don't create for the G2 market because the items won't sell?

In the end, I'll probably purchase (hopefully on sale), but not until the kind of clothing I want is available or the Crossdresser conversion modules come out.

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