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 Organizational Template for Vendors
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* Top Folders 'Runtime' and 'Readmes'  and 'Templates' if desired
These folders should be named as such: 
The Runtime folder simply named "Runtime" 
not DawnsExpressiveRuntime, just freakin "Runtime.e

The Readme folder should be named Readmes. 
Inside that folder your actual "Readme" file should be named
Specifically to the Product and/or Vendor

DO NOT generically name the actual readme file as just "readme". 
If you chose to do that than you deserve to not have your wishes followed, because your damn readme is going to be overwritten by any other readme that falls in that folder.  Be smarter than your shoes - name the damn read me accordingly.

If you wish to include Templates for your item, than a Templates folder should be included at the top of the structure as well.  Just name it templates ffs.  Inside that folder your template files should be named SPECIFICALLY TO THE PRODUCT!

Moving on:

Inside the Runtime folder ONLY the following folders should exist:
Reflection Maps

If you have a link or something else you want to include with your product - put it in the readme.  That's what that is for.  Please don't force people to wade around through ridiculous file structures trying to find your files - or clean up their runtimes.

Inside Libraries folder ONLY the following folders should exist:

Inside those folders the file structure should be clear.  Include at MOST at top your own folder named for yourself.  If you offer many products and want to include them all in one folder than name the folder for yourself / Company.  Inside that folder you can include multiple folders for each product (NAMED FOR THE GD PRODUCT at this point) or just place all products in the one folder.

DO NOT nest 9 folders inside eachother.  It should not look like this:

Runtime/libraries/character/SuperDuperCreations/V4RebelShirt will do very nicely

Please decide early on what you will refer to yourself as, and stick with it.  Its very irksome to have 9 different folders for the same vendor because they decided that they wanted to change the spelling of their oh so cool name.

It's my personal opinion that this structure should be standard at this point and that people should be able to follow it. 

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