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8:03 am

 issallos art studio
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issallos multy gate this is what i would like to show you...


this is my web place multy gate

and am asking for new artists who wants to add with me and show their art works in my new place  atHome (follow the link bellow)

Im glad to have your support to my new "active stage".....!!!

I want your sugestions , please cooperate to show your work .

sorry for my next with translator....for Greek language


Δημιούργησαμε εγω και η mellissalli ενα μερος  το  at Home που θα μπορειτε , οσοι θελετε να συμετεχετε, να εκθεσετε την δουλεια σας ατομικα η και ομαδικα. Φυσικα γνωριζω οτι η ψηφιακη εικονα θελει και τον καταλληλο εξολπισμο για να δειχτει. Σας ενημερωνω οτι υπαρχει ολος ο εξοπλισμος , οπως και ο τροπος διασφαλισης των πνευματικων σας δικαιωματων πανω στην δουλεια σας.

Περιμενω προτασεις σας για το πως μπορουμε να συνεργαστουμε .

Εχουμε ηδη τοπικους καλλιτεχνες που ετοιμαζουν παροιμια εκθεση στο χωρο μας για το καλοκαιρι. Επειδη εδω στο renderocity ειμαι απο πολυ παλια μελος και απο εδω πηρα αφορμη να ασχολιθω με την ψηφιακη ζωγραφικη.... καλω ολους οσους ενδιαφερονται να δηλωσουν συμμετοχη ή να μου προτεινουν καποια  αλλη ιδεα συνεργασιας

ευχαριστω για τον χρονο σας πρεριμενω προτασεις σας

issallos art studio

atHome site

e-mail atHome


11:24 am

 im very disapoinded because you are delete my work
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Theme:the nudity in the art ....
Many years ago... acient Greeks made their sculptures totaly nude without the fear of the dirty feeling of the unhelthy mind.
healthy brain means healthy body....used to said
and the art rise in high expresion....other ancient civilisations did the same....since the very begining of the known world.
and now there is the forbiten nudity of the art
here in
i understand the diference between a nude image
and a porn image.....and i'm asking you.....
how can you stop people drawing poses with nudity when you are the one who shells the software to draw that kind of nudity....
...and after all there is a cover for the nudity and everyone who opens this cover does this with his own responsibility......
after all i dinay to send another image to you
because of your 'double face' way of thinking
.....and after all its yours site .... do what ever you want....
.........with your rules.....
but i'm telling you this:

7:00 am

 i'm a new artist in the renderosity......
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Hallo...........since i bought a art Renderosity
i ll became fun for the digital art.....since then ihad made my pictures with my PC only for my work to paint the details that i could not imagine my shelf (shadows lights etc)....and it was very helpfull ....!!!!
i'm a painter and Byzandine icons and wallpaintings mader......i am 41 old....i'm living in Volos Greece....i'd like to play music but....right now i'm very exited for Digital art........!!!!!
as my first start in Renderosity....i send a
"KALIMERA" means "have a nice day" to allof you


PS i have another blog in Blogger

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