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9:39 am

 200th Upload
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I'm not someone that really bothers to much about these things, but Corrie pointed it out when commenting on my latest upload (it's called Kelp, and if you're interested, it's in the Fractal gallery).

This image also marks another waypoint for me here at Rendo. On the 24th of last month I had my parotid gland, lymph nodes, and left eye removed due to cancer, and Kelp is my first render since leaving hospital.

7:56 am

 Next Two Weeks
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Two weeks from today I'll be recovering from the major surgery needed to remove cancerous tumours.

As a result I will have lost my left eye, and the glands which travel from below my left ear, and my shoulder. The recovery period will take months, and will include raidio/chemotherapy, and meds.

Hopefully I will feel well enough to return to rendering and photography within a few weeks. Over the next few days I'll upload what I can, the time spent creating images is a much-needed distraction.

7:19 am

 MRI Scan
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Following on from my last post.

Today I had an MRI scan, so that the surgeons have a better idea of what needs doing when they get me on the table.

Not a painful experience, but not a pleasant one either. Now I await a date for the surgery itself.

9:45 am

 Growing Pains
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The new year has it's first upload from me today, but how many more there will be I don't know. A month ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer, which in my case presents itself as a pair of tumours - one in the glands which run from below my left ear, and another on the outside edge of my left eye.

I won't know the full extent of the cancer until I have an MRI scan (one of which was cancelled today due to a faulty machine), but I can feel them both growing. :/

Major surgery is somewhere in the near future, so I'll upload while I can, and will (hopefully), continue to do so as part of my recovery.  

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