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12:32 pm

 My Store: products r up!
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see my profile or under my images in the gallery.  just follow the link there for my nu products '




not much else going on in my life. as broke as ever, but happy. missing my son...

 now, my store is not perfect yet, so email me on what product you want, with you paypal /postal adress, depending on what products yous all want, and i will send Zip files and products to you :)

12:18 pm

 .....yea yea
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ok, thats it. i have big plans to make a big store and lotsa freestuff.

6:27 am

 ok so its been a while
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today its a rainy but good day:)
im learing my way around, and making poses in daz
soon my store will be filled up with more stuff aswell, like poses, backgrounds and well, i dunno. was thinking of learning other 3d programs, but its too much work, and nobodys gonna help me ayways. so
i was once going to make it big here at the rosity store, with a lil help, but it never did happen, so i put my store down. bah.
so ive decided, if anyone needs help with daz studio, or poser, or even bryce, i am excpecting at least a thanx .

i know someone who has thanked me for helping her w daz studio:) and i love her to bits:) shes the sweetest friend:)
thankyou, nicole:D

8:56 am

 is it possible??
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i mean, i have all i need. laptop, tv,birdies, place to live, food, clothes and a nu cellphone when i get my money for summer. but then this gal i kinda know, tries to sell me her yr old cellphone???? i say no thanks and shes like *okay....... i understand......*sooooo dissapointed!! i mean if ses broke she should ask her parents for money instead of asking me and others to buy her phone.... grrrrr.unbelievable. but ohh welll......

4:37 pm

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puter went kablooey, but got me a laptop, but soo little gb's :( ooh well,
an update. making free morphs, giving them away, making renders. in a sci fi mood

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