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Attention Second Life Users
(06th of September 2013)
Because of the latest Terms of Use update by Linden Labs, our images may no longer be added to Second Life.

Linden Labs (the company behind Second Life) has updated their Terms of Use in a way that claims all copyright to uploaded content, giving them rights to unlimited resale and redistribution of your work.

The updated Second Life Terms of Use is no longer compatible with our own Terms of use. So starting from the 6th September, uploading our images (or derivatives) to Second Life is no longer allowed. Images previously uploaded to Second Life may continued to be used as before. 

For a more detailed explanation please read this announcement. 

Note that this problem impacts every other texture website that does not allow resale 'as Textures' (which is 99% of the free texture sites on the Internet) So before uploading new textures to Second Life you should probably check with the texture website you use for your source images.

If you have any questions about this license change, please email us at

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 Freebies for Unrestricted user and donation!
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Long time friend needs a bit of help... Our friend Anderson (Gendragon) is in need of some assistance regarding medical difficulties. In return for any and all help Gendragon is giving away killer models as freebies hoping anyone will find use for his models and feel compelled to send a friendly donation to help him out. It's always hard to ask for help so we thought we would try to help him. You can make a donation at his site and click on the Make a Donation button or at Click on one of the Freebies and select the Make a Donation button My best regards!

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