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10:11 am

 Star Party
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Earlier this month, I took my annual sojurne out to the Okie-Tex Star Party, in Kenton Oklahoma.(think astronomy convention for you non-astronomers)
I got to see all my friends that I only get to see once a year, looked at faint galaxies and nebula, that I have no hope of seeing from home.
Anyway, I got to talking with a couple from right here in Wichita, that I've known for several years, and it turns out, Judy, aka jkfuz, is a big Vue fan! And she was bemoaning the fact that none of her artist friends consider 3D art a valid art form!
I have no formal training at all, and, I've always thought art is anything you create to be pleasant/thought provoking/inflammatory or relaxing.
If 3D art is not an artform, where does that leave photography? Pre-made subjects, adjustable lighting and sets, and directed poses?
Are there really people out there that are this close-minded?


2:41 pm

 New Computer
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4 Gigs ram, 320gig hard drive, 17 inch screen, and the best part....FREE. Ah you say, such a good deal.
Wrong! No matter what I tried, no matter what configuration I used, it would not run D|S! 1 month later, I took it back to Geek Squad where I 'bought' it from to see if they could help.
Sitting idle on a table it was using 47% of its processing power! WTF!
I told the tech what I was using the machine for, and he said "lets just get you a different machine."
Uh, yah. I've had this over a month.
"No sweat!" he says. A short talk with the manager, and I walk out with a Gateway, with the same specs, PLUS a dedicated graphics card!
Best Buy. You have a customer for life!

8:26 pm

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Been a while.
Since I was in elementary school, I've been reading Science Fiction. Nary a Fantasy novel passed in front of my eyes. Not a one! Been playing D&D since the early 70's though.
Now I have an SFRPG going, and my apathy toward 3D modeling is evaporating. Have to say, I'm jonesing for some render time. Summer SF outfits that are'nt ridiculous looking are hard to come by. This aint Space Vixens save the galaxy, its more like working stiffs in space, so soon as I find something that looks practical, I'll start churning them out again.


8:07 pm

 Acer bites the dust
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My laptop took a big ole dump at the end of July.
One month after the warranty ran out! I really was not suprised at all though. I was counting the days all through July, and two years is about all they last.
Now I'm getting lots of reading done, and spending time with my son. We are both happy.


10:48 am

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Well, I finally jumped on the band wagon, and started using V42. 4 & 41 just gave me fits every time I tried (not real hard) to use them.
I really like 42.
Neat morphs, cool characters, and awesome clothes and props.
Whats not too like?

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