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11:16 pm

 Busy, so hard
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my new work is HTML design about indies music band.
it is so hard and busy...

and this band wanted other my popular collar.
band image is so MAD.

if you interested this band, listen to the music.

7:07 am

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today is crazy day.
i did painting return to 2D again.

yesterday, i did read the book about Burzum.
Burzum is Norway musician and killer, prisoner.

i did read that and i think so...

he is great black metal father, but he kill hisself GOD.

angel shot make broken his insider GOD.

6:35 pm

 Successfull Convert
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My modeling date is Successfull on Poser prop.
so, i will must to do search the server for on it.

Making my homepage again.
will be my company HP.

i did buy Julia on the DAZ.
see is so cute!.
i like her.

trying making download page and trying posing.

1:59 am

 today im mood is bad lol
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today is i must to go the my child school.
i come back home now, but im mood is

why mood is bat, tradition is neglected on japan.
today is design for children closing on Carnival.

we must to do design closing - Smokestack cleaning man.
i did search the this job and tradition.

i know the Smokestack cleaning man closing and it tradition.
but it is neglected many people.

design is have must tradition and originality i think.
But we are Carnival - Smokestack cleaning man closing is Blue and Brown....

nothing tradition.
if German poeple look this Carnival when mood is bad,i think.

12:15 am

 i try again 3D modeling.
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i have new idea 6 presentation on renderrosity.
but if i will drow the image when i have many my modeling prop.

i try to the 3D modeling on shade, and finish modeling one data.
next try UV mapping. use UV Mapper is best i think.

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