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12:51 am

 Ocean's trilogy in real life?
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I love the heading.. "Pink Panther lopes off.." but the journo instinct in me, and the humorous side of me wants to write "Masterminds Oceans' struck again!"

Blame it on the fact that I just saw the trilogy one after the other last week, not to mention Bourne trilogy a couple weeks ago..and the fact that I'm now listening and hooked to the Ocean's trilogy soundtrack!

But then. I'm not the only one who thinks of the Ocean's. Read the remarks written by the readers.. the oldest first. And besides Clouseau.. Ocean's also gets talked about!

Brilliant theft. But stupid idea. Unless the art work is being kept by a collector, who cannot even sell it..maybe not for generations to come.. what's the use? Display it in a cave? Dump it in the trash? Garage sale? Returned back with thanks as they got their publicity?

To tell you the truth, i don't mind Picasso being stolen.. that was is a pretty sad piece. Le Pigeon aux petit pois  But the Mattise?? Pastorale, Nympe et Faune. And L'Olivier pres de l'Estaque  by Georges Braque. Sacrilege!

The saddest news.. it won't be the 13 Ocean's men.. it will be a few skinny French men with a few international connections with a few bald, old, fat men..maybe Italian or American. or who knows..British..or German..

Gravely disappointing...

the latest.. a couple hours later..
a lone burly man????

7:11 am

 my first blog!
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I didn't know rendo had one..or rather, I did know. But stuck in my tiny brycean world, with pops into photoshop and photography forum.. well.. blogging wasn't in!

And now, i think I'll blog..happily..even if it's a one liner. At least, it will be read by others here..not by strangers I dunno.

Am I petrified of strangers? A bit.. thoughts put into an art work is fine. thoughts put into a blog, a scary. I know the readers out here..sort of. Some I've met, some are on my FB, email. I can rely on them. They are friends, not enemies.

It's 5:32 pm here..time to get ready to go for my evening walk.. temp outside is late 30 - early 40 deg cel. A month more before the monsoon starts. Hell..the heat is killing.

An excuse..for me not to sit to work on a bryce image. My mind ain't thinking. Mt brain has been cooked. I work at slow pace. Man..even had a student who I teach photoshop to fall asleep.. she says my home is cozy, peaceful (she comes home with her laptop). Add that and the heat.... I don't blame her.

Am off for my walk. Will I write when i get back? Whimsical today.. I don't know.

A thought.. after seeing the 2012 olympic mascots.. I think they are adorable.. and I bet a lot of kids would too. The adults seem not to like it. Have I stopped growing?

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