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8:15 am

 change is good
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I just spent the last hour admiring all of the architectural work that has been posted here in the past few months. It was very stimulating. I hadn't realized that this latest tear into the world of 3d graphics goes way back to august of last year. Since then I have had a whole lot of fun. Mostly just getting my gear right and learning basics. The world of architecture and construction is basically being turned upside down from a graphics perspective. I got a glimpse of it a few years back and now I am trying to get ahead of the curve. Building design is now basically going from documenting with drawings to full blown modeling. It is really gratifying to see that there are some that have managed to create some very impressive results. It is an inspiration and is the way of future design.

P.S. As I was posting this my copy of MEP 2010 was handed to me. Its Christmas! The hot topic here kids is Parametric Drawing. They added geometric constraints and dimension driven geometry that can be tabulated. Oh Boy OH Boy...

4:49 pm

 Ive noticed a pattern
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In my first post I promised that I would rant about things that irritate me. I like architecture, its an admitted bias. I do like to rummage around in the gallery and see what is new. I like the idea of this site. RANT MODE = 1. what is the name of this site? Hmmm Renderosity with a small qualifier stating its some kind of art community. I go to image after image in the arch area and its seems that everyone here just ignores anything that is rendered. Oh, there are rants, raves, ooh, and ahhs over the photographs. Now the section that involves tirelessly rendering the same tart over and over and over and over again gets the same drooling maudlin adulation. I suspect for different reasons. My real gripe is with you photo-dweebs. A photo is just some shmoe standing in some place clicking a button on a box and running home and posting it. Then if you are real sophisticated you shoop it. Woopie! what skill and talent that takes. I could spam this place with pictures all day long. Before you give me all this composition light framing artsy fartsy mess I ain't buying. I see works here that are rendered after what is obviously hours if not days or weeks of effort and the photosnobs here either ignore it or cant be bothered. I am not talking about my my work because its crap. I have seen some things here that should be included in all that adulation that you pass back and forth to each other for these pictures that I could find dozens of with a simple google image search. So it seems to me that this site is not appropriately named or that the ppl running it are encouraging too much of the wrong content. RANT MODE = 0

8:30 pm

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I got my hands on an sgi O2 today. What a cool little rig this thing is. It came with Maya 3 & 4 and a bunch of adobe stuff including some ancient version of photoshop. I feel so bleeding edge 1999. Now I got a proper graphics box. (sorta). Are there any SGI heads around here?

8:18 am

 I was asked what I do
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I was asked what my place in the graphics world is. I am just one of the anonymous horde that puts up all those big boxes that everyone wanders around in. I posted a couple of images so that you can get an exciting view into my world. The space study was done so that I could verify whether or not the equipment would actually fit. The second image is just a rapid render of the plans for a section of the first floor. The plans get submitted today. Then it just becomes another sheet a paper in a huge pile of very large sheets of paper. Pretty astonishing eh? he said with a stupid grin...

5:22 pm

 So you think all graphics are artsy fartsy?
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Am just looking around for the first time. Its a nice little corner of the net that resides here. I have seen a lot of real colorful an interesting images. Its kind of funny though there seems to be this big gaping hole here. There are no forums categories etc for what I do. I have been drawing with computers for a living for 20 years. My interest arose out of a passion for computers. Back in the 80's I saw graphics rendered on machines the size of large file cabinets and was hooked. Now that architecture is almost all drawn in 3d and since CAD has evolved into some pretty powerful modeling software in its own right it seems to me that a place like this should include those of use that have been making lifeless vector graphics for decades with the dream of taking those skills to the next level and making "virtual reality" from those boring lines.

I am a noob here no doubt. I plan to learn everything that I can from the examples that I encounter here. I am anxiously waiting on a sgi o2 that is supposedly loaded with all kinds of graphic goodies on it. I bought it for peanuts. So here I am, expect me to blather on in the future about what silly things amuse or irritate me...

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