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3:40 am

 long way to go...
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well, since my little town has grown on me looks like I'll be staying in hickville, but then again I have always been a lover of small towns, except the politics. I have been a lot of things for my short stay on earth, a waitress, a builder/painter/drywaller, a mechanic, computer tech, lincare cm/csr, janitor, maintenance and security... well, too many things to list that dont really fit the female twig that I am... now I have to look a bit deeper to find my niche. I, being a Blondie, lodged a 22oz stanley framing hammer in my knee while building (dont ask) kept going for my son... allot can be said for small towns but medical is not a shiny spot. needless to say I am good and desk bound now (as much as I hate to admit I can barely get down my stairs) so, every one will be seeing allot more of me, lol. currently I am looking for a good c+ course so I can quit getting the rouge label from the other 2 techs in town (even though I fix there mistakes without insulting or degrading their skills)and will put allot more time into my art! I am hoping that any that get my products will give me some feedback on what they think... I know it takes time to build past the home town you live in to gain rep. but I also sometimes wish there was a starving artist fund, lmao! well its almost 3am here so I better sign off...

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