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If you are searching for quirky little characters for your runtime, Nursoda has you covered.  His characters range from elves to pigs to broken hearts to dwarves, and a couple of unidentiiable creatures in between.  Pretty much all Musoda's characters come with poses, facial expressions, clothes, and other props.  If you are doing any kind of fantasy scenes, you want to look over his store.

The downside to this of course is that since these are all custom characters, unless Nursoda expands the set you have to create any other items you need yourself.  The fortunate side is that Nursoda appears to be expanding the sets for his main characters, which to date are Frankie Pig and Hein.

Textures and details for Frankie and Hein are pretty good (I haven't tested the others yet, I just picked up most of his catalog today), they are better than cartoon, they do fairly well in close-up shots, they aren't photo-realistic by any means, but you wouldn't expect them to be.  They fit in well with the usual other characters you use (M4, V4, etc) unless you are using high resolution skins on them.

There aren't any compatability issues with DAZ Studios, textures and loads work properly, the skin on at least the punk pig is a bit too glossy, it is easy enough to fix with the surface shader (set the glossyness color close to black)

All in all, if you are into fantasy, Nursoda makes a large range of characters that fit the bill at a great price.

You can find his store at:


And if you find it today, 6/3/11, you get a really good sale price to boot ;)


7:12 pm

 The Wizard's Place
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The Wizard's Place

Luke Ahearn




This set is an absolute must if you are doing wizard scenes. It has a huge set of very detailed props which show no sign of pixilation at any reasonable distance. There are no issues on install, and it has one of the more impressive PZ3 loads with lights actually parented to their associated props. This means if you move the skull candle for example, the glow moves with it. Nice touch.

The included scene is in movie set format, that is only half the room is populated, it isn't a closed room. Since an entrance, which is a set of winding stairs, is built in, you can always add more props to complete the room, unless you are doing animation though, that should not prove necessary.

My one quibble with the PZ3 is that it only includes half the floor, while it is easy enough to add the other half, that is the one part that will give you problems with camera angles out of box.


No issues with textures, they all work in DAZ just fine, the load does also, I didn't get any lost file messages on any of my test loads.

The roof of the place is fully usable, though you will have to add a skydome or some kind of background to use it. The exit staircase really doesn't go anywhere, but is deep enough you can get a character to disappear from view from the perspective of the main room.

I highly recommend this set.


Rating: Five Stars

DAZ Comparability issues: none

Pros: A large set of highly detailed props, a great PZ3 set-up

Cons: Give me a while, I might think of something... Nope.

2:27 pm

 Reviews from the DAZ Studio Perspective
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While DAZ Studio and Poser are similar in a lot of ways, a DAZ user has to deal with the differences that arise in any product that has not been tested in DAZ.  Since there are quite a number of those, and since I buy a lot of products, I am going to write some detailed reviews concerning what works, what "les than works", and what you flat out shouldn't even bother with. 

The reviews will be general, and probably usuful to everybody to a point, but keep in mind if there is a problem noted you may not see it occur if you are using Poser.

Usually the problems occur with Textures, other times it's missing .obj files that are standard in Poser, and sometimes it is directory set-ups.  In any case, if I find a work around, I will include it in the review.

I will be posting the first one tonight.

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