Ghosts, Wraiths burning in Night's fire

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2:53 pm

 Make it last....
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"The only moment anyone is guaranteed is the moment they are in. If you can't make it last forever, never regret it."

On 10/28/07, I lost my wife. She was my better half, loved life, never gave up on people and always joked around. She was a big kid. This is one lesson I learned the hard way.

In loving memory of Lori Schoch.

6:56 pm

 Our anniversary
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Today is our seven year wedding annivesary. How my wife puts up with me, I will never know. The wedding day is still the best day of my life. While we celebrate, our sincerest sympathies go out to any who has suffered the loss of someone today. Our greatest respect goes out to this nation's greatest heroes. The civil service workers who risk their lives everyday so we are safe. Thank you very much.

Be safe in the night and always,

Paul and Lori

12:09 pm

 Ghost in the soul's shadows - part1
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The one
For whom you search
Is impossible
To find
For the senses
Will fail
And you
Will be lost

Try to see
And you will be blind
Stop and listen
Silence will fall
On your deaf ears
The taste in your mouth
Will be bland and strange
When you reach out
There will be nothing to feel
The feint scent is lost forever
Like a wraith
On night's wind

9:50 pm

 The possible existence of fictionalized vampires
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I want to start off by saying I am only offering a possiblity. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am not offering any proof. I did not read this in a tabloid headline.

Now it's time to get serious. The following may not be in logical order, I am writing as I think.

I think it is not outside the realm of possibility that vampires, of fiction, could exist in today's society. I have no proof, only thoughts.

Stop, for a moment and think about it. We live in world with thousands of unsolved crimes and murders. It is becoming much easier to become an unrecognizable "face in the crowd".

The "small town where everyone knows you" life is disappearing. Quiet, rural areas are being replaced by towns and cities; all in the name of progress and modernization. (I am not taking sides in this one, I prefer the city life.) If a vampire of fiction does exist, the city is where it would probably exist. Virtually unlimited food supply, expecially with people who no one would miss. Not that many people would notice another murder. Nightlife to fend off boredom. These are a few examples to support my theory.

To further expand on the theory: Companies that have 3rd shift positions, so the vampire could appear a normal person. Unless the vampire got very egotisical or careless, they could have a very long and possibly interesting existence. Most of our world is moving at an increasing speed. New technologies and upgrades, discoveries of the natural world, and ancient civilizations.

Information and distractions are readily available and becoming more affordable. A vampire would find it harder to become bored with it's existence.

I am not saying I believe vampires exist. I am saying that if their existence is proven, I wouldn't even blink. People belive in God(s) and spiritual beings who walked the earth millenia ago. We are finding creatures in nature thought to be extinct for hundreds or thousands of years. Why would the existence of a mythical creature, like the vampire, be impossible? Remember, Dracula was not the first suggestion of vampires.

I may expand on this theory in the future.

This is a far cry from anything I usually write. Just some thoughts I had when questioning percieved reality and what we, occasionally sense from something other than using the five.

Be safe in the night and always.

11:42 pm

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Fragments of legends, long forgotten, are starting to reappear. These legends hint at objects that once existed. The objects, or what we would now call artifacts, existed long before the gods of any belief system. What little is known is seen as an ancient fairy tale. The fragments vary in story, symbolism, language and length.

There are two things the fragments have in common: the artifacts are known only to the most ancient, and forgotten, gods. The objects or artifacts existed before good and evil and know only of existence and survival.

It is believed, by the few who take these legend fragments seriously, the artifacts have power never meant to be posessed by any entity. The majority learn of such stories in the tabloids, magazines or books. They laugh at it.

Are these legend fragments real and serious or are they someone's quick claim to fame? Another thought, the gods once again playing a huge joke on us.

There is hope humanity and our universe never finds out.

This may seem similar to an earlier post. I am devolping a story and making the changes as I go. Hopefully, I will not hit writer's block on this one.

Forgive any spelling and grammatical errors.

Be safe in the night and always

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