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3:27 pm

 Is it worth it?
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Had to write a few words, first words here....

For anybody that might ever read this please, please think twice before downloading illegaly shared Poser files.
Not because this is illegal but because it's hurting what we love.

To develop a good quality product it takes many hours of trial and error... of testing, of doing and redoing and making all those tedious little boxes that take a Click! and there you have it - instant gratification. It's a hair pulling experience. During this period my old nail bitting habbit resurfaces and my fingers look appaling. I get black circles and no amount of foundation can cover up my state. I'm a very unpleasant person to be around to as I prefer to groan rather than talk. When I sleep my brain functions like a gigantic screen complete with blinking cursors, menu start ups, Ctrl + Z functions and slow rendering times.

And then we vendors place this to the worlds to see. All our efforts and a little bit of ourself. We wait, I continue to chew off my nails and then wait some more. First reviews come in, a few questions, some people just drop in to say they liked the work. And it feels amazing. At this point I'm glad I made myself into such a mess because it was worth it.

And then someone points me out to my product, warezed, shared and distributed. You can't help but feeling violated - lame but true. Was all this worth it? Wouldn't it be easier to just make something and not fuss about it if it's going to end up being shared anyway? Should I just take myself and go elsewhere? I stop working with such enthusiasm on my latest project. Who cares.

What will happen if all vendors think the same? Then those Click! magic buttons will stop existing and products will become more predictable and more boring. Do they care?

PS.English is not my native language so please excuse all the mistakes.

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