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7:46 am

 (Very) late spring cleaning
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And 4 years and several computer issues later, where I got a gazzillon bad files to sort through (don't ask) I'm sitting here behind my Renderosity site, and a copy of Poser Pro 2012 staring at it with a blank mind, looking puzzled at terms like "Genesis", "Reality" and oher supposedly simple terms..


Last time I did that, it was looking at a poser 7 copy, where the Daz 4 Generation had only just come out; my mind filled with ideas, having a great idea how everything worked.. clothing rooms, scripting, light settings...


Well, I have to admit, in my early days between 2004-2007, I used to upload everything I created even if it just looked "Damn aweful". Not sure if I just didn't want to see it back then or if my perspective changed now.

So after being away so long, I cleaned up my gallery, from 8 pages 'n' change to 5 pages 'n' change. I'll upload some twenty-ish images I made between 2007 and 2009...

..and who knows! I might be brilliant with my new ideas! At least my images will render much bigger with this horse of a computer, instead of those tiny images that needed a magnifying glas to view any detail.



See you!



11:12 pm

 Murphy and his Law
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You know, every year, I get a taste of Murphy's law in some fashion. This year's was a real doozy.

I was cleaning out my comp, having some problems placing my processor back again. When I finally put it back together again, it wouldn't boot. Rechecked everything. Still zip. So I did it to the shop, where they said my ram got dispositioned. All fixed.

I get back home and install a new external HD I bought the day before. Not 5 minutes after I was copying files the thing goes *poof*. 20 mb, lost n gone forever.

Next day, I take it back to the store where the service person notices the booklet was missing. So I can make a roundway trip (taking me an hour) to get the booklet. Luckely I made it back to the store 30 min before closingtime.

I wasn't feeling so well that evening. Next day, I'm burning up with a flu! n that was like.. 5 days ago.

And with all the comotion I forgot all about Daz3D's 10$ voucher :o(

To sum everything up, I still got the flu *sigh* 'n' I'm sifting through masses of recovered data filling my HDs to their maximum.

So until that's done, not much else to do but rest n sleep huh?

Until next time

2:27 am

 More then I can handle
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You know, I keep buying stuff, that I want. Because I know I can make beautiful renders with them. But I just keep on buying loads, without having the time to even start exploring them or being able to render it. So it just sits there. Hardly sounds logical eh?

Guess it's just in the eye of the beholder that 'someday' I could use it to render something with. Perhaps I should render more different things instead of always falling back on the same figures (some of em stick out more for me then others). So I just keep buying more then I can handle, in the hopes of someday creating a nice render with it lol.

Well maybe you'll see some of these in the future. But until then, "b(u)y(e) for now ;)

12:11 am

 Ahh! Let's post another image
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You wait till midnight to post another image (usually way after bedtime lol) and then you hope to post your next image also at midnight so you can give each image the maximum of time in the "last uploaded" spotlight. And then you get so busy, you forget to post your image lol. Anyways, I'm way behind on posting lol. I guess I could take the "extra upload service" but then the Images would get even less time. so happely uploading at an image a day :)

Might be a little silly to start this blog about uploading images hehe, but hopefully it gives some insight on my thoughts on that :p

Until my next creative jolt :)

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