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 Just because my canvas is tiny doesn't mean nobody sees my art
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I work with tiny canvases. Practically miniscule compared to some of the full-sized images I've seen in Renderosity's gallery. I've seen gorgeous works that stretch across thousands of pixels by thousands of pixels.

In comparison, a lot of the work I've done reside on 128x128 squares of digital real estate.

I create cell phone themes. I use a variety of programs to create a unique variety of designs that consumers can use to customize their cell phones and other handheld mobile devices. Being an artist whose works are showcased on screens as small as 128x128 and no larger than 320x240 presents interesting challenges. Add to that the fact that not only are you creating a wallpaper in the theme, but also the buttons, highlights, and icons that all have to tie together into a cohesive unit.

These things can be a lot of work. There are good days and there are bad days. I suppose it's something all professional graphic designers face when working for people other than themselves. However, with the company I'm working with, I'm allowed a generous measure of creative freedom, which makes up for the bad days.

The themes I've created are being sold by various distributors around the world. Here in the United States you can even see some of my works sold via AT&T, or even installed on various Sony Ericsson or Nokia cell phones right out of the box. Sure my name might not be visible on any of the images, but I get a certain amount of satisfaction by knowing that around the world there are literally thousands of people who are carrying around some of my artwork in their pocket.

Isn't that one of the ultimate goals of being an artist? To have your artwork viewed and appreciated by people the world over?

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