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5:59 pm

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Lately, I've been so busy translating Zooomr, making the atmospheres in Vue and discussing the making of an e-zine, that all I've done here have been uploading a new render each day.

So tonight I took the time to browse through the galleries and take a closer look at what everyone else have been up to.
And I found a lot of goodies.

It is also inspiring to see what others have done, especially when they have used similar models etc. For each model, even for each tree sometimes, there's a personal angle. And most of the time we don't realize that until we see what others have done.

Other than that it's raining cats'n'dogs tonight. It's way too late and I'm finished.
Tomorrow it's a new day - unless we are completely flooded by then - and a new render.

Be good :)


7:14 am

 I was hiding under the pickle
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Well, I've been back online for about a week or so. It's nice and I'm still trying to get use to it again. When there's no internet connection you do end up with an awful lotta time on your hands...and in my case I've used it to structure things a bit.

Health wise I'm undergoing tests to decide if I have Multiple Sclerosis or not. MRI's and other nifty things.

Professionally I'm building a credit history (a good one) with the bank that finally handed over a personal bank account to me after 4 years of applications. So in spring 2008 I will apply for a business loan and get Silverscreen Photography going. Then I hope that the suspicions about MS are all wrong :p

I'm not doing a lot of photography these days, mostly because I'm bored with my lil camera and have difficulties to get around. I'm building web sites and spend time in Vue or Poser instead.
However, I hope all that will change this spring.

And that's it.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2008!!


2:09 pm

 Publishing my photos
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It's been a while...and as most of you know it's due to the lack of a connection at home these days. Was a real bummer when that went away.

Anyways...I've used my free time wisely (I hope) and put together a book with some of the photos I've taken since I came to England almost 4 years ago. Sounded like a piece'a'cake at first, but to pick out a bit more than 100 photos from a backup of around 5,000 shots, it got more tricky than I first thought it would be.
So there's been a lot of revisions to do before I got this far.

It will be distributed globally, which means that you can order it in your nearest bookstore (I've got the ISBN if anyone's interested...just shoot me a PM in here), but it will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel etc. etc. as well.

I recieved the proof copy yesterday and in a couple of days it's ready to roll :D

More info laters :)

Hope you're all doing good :hugs:

7:31 pm

 The adventure photography brings
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If I had known the kind of adventures photography would put me through years ago, I would've started using my camera a lot earlier than this. Not that my sense of adventure have faded with age. It's still the same as it was 20-25 years ago, and today I have even more freedom to do as I please than I had back then.
You can't just drop everything when you are a single mom and it took a long time before I could drop any of it and do something for myself without feeling guilty about it. The curse of being a mom ;)

Today though it's different. My son is grown up, he's living in another country and I don't really have anyone but myself to take responsibility for. Which is nice for a change.
And with that adventures have been knocking on the door.
10 years ago I would never have considered doing trepassing into an old abandoned mill just to get great shots. And I would never have gone to the mall after 9pm just to be able to roam around with a camera without the interference from other people.
But today it's nothing strange at all.

So far I haven't broken any laws. Just considering it...haha
That mill outside Buxton here in Derbyshire is still number one on my hit list since it has such character. It also have a history of how children were used in jobs that no one would do for such little pay. And they had children working there up until 1969, when it was finally closed down. A friend of mine who lives up there have done that trepassing that I haven't yet, and his photos show how everything looks as if everyone just left the place.
In spite of the time frame, a lot of the interiors are still intact, and it gives a rather spooky impression.

So that's number one.
I would also want to spend the night at Meadowhall in Sheffield, which is where the piccie in this post was taken. Bring breakfast and a couple of sleeping bags ;) Hid when they're locking the doors...hehe Guess that would be a bit too illegal though. But it would give me all night to get a lot of shots in peace.

Maybe some other day. Can't wait for too long though, because I will only get older and wiser...and at least the wiser part has nothing to do with adventures ;)

So tell far are you prepared to go to get some great shots? Would you trepass? Sleep over locked up somewhere where you shouldn't be?
Enlighten me :D

4:52 am

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Well...I haven't really been terribly busy, even if I know that most folks are around this time of the year. My lack of comments and presence have been connected to a lot of pain and me not being social. It's that easy.

Yesterday afternoon was the first attempts that where made here to create something Christmassy. I got myself a Christmas tree, some lights and more ornaments and then I decorated the first Christmas tree in 7 years. Earlier there's been a lack of a lot of things to actually do this - either I've been travelling and living in places where I haven't had the opportunity to have a tree, or there's been a lack of space for one. Which have been the reason for the past couple of years. But this year there were no excuses anymore ;)

I also made some swedish christmas toffee with walnuts, put together a gingerbread dough and cooked a big ham. The dough is for a gingerbread house that I'm giving to Robin's boys for Christmas. With a bit of luck I will put it together today :D

Other than that I'm slowly getting off the painkillers. Reducing with one capsule a week right now, and so far so good. I will need something else instead however, so an appointment with the doc is in place before the holidays happen.

And that's about it. No stress and not really much running around.
Unfortunately that means that I've had to dig very deep in my archives to find something to upload here. No chance of taking any new piccies right now at all.

Oh...and I'm building the final website for our studio btw. A beta version can be found at
That will not be the final url btw. It's just a place where I fiddle around with it. Take a peek and let me know what it looks like in your browser (I hate designing for cross browsing :p).

Hope you're all doing good :D And if I don't show up until after the holidays again - have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year :D

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