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6:03 pm

 A new venture....
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Towards the end of last year, an opportunity to get a business idea off the ground presented itself and New Beltane Tech Media Ltd was born (www.newbeltane.com).

Initially, we started off the company selling just one product..the Wi-Fire high gain wireless antenna,made by hField Technologies in the US. Later on we intend to add products that complement the Wi-Fire, such as routers and other networking equipment. Another product we are intending to stock is the YoGen, an eco-charger for the iPhone adn other phones.

Along with working as a charity manager and becoming a chrch elder, as wella s continuing n my role as a volunteer youth worker, I have had less time for the creative arts, hence my absence form Renderosity for so long. However, I hope to be uploading some works in the near future, so until then, take care and I wish everuyne a very happy 2010.


7:56 pm

 Lenten thoughts
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The time we Christians call 'Lent' is traditionally a time for giving something up. As yet (once again) I have no idea what I should give up. This has led me to think about the reason why we think that only at Lent should we give something up. After all, Lent is really about preparing for Easter and not about giving something up per se.

On a deeply personal level, Easter is all about what Jesus gave up for me and about my response to that profound gesture of Divine Love. Maybe if we all, whether Chrisitan or not, were able to live in response to Love rather than Hate, the world would be a better place and we'd all be better people for it.

Whatever you religious leanings, I wish you every blessing in life and sincerely wish you all would experience Love today and throughout your life's journey.


3:07 am

 Artists for Peace
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Renderosity is a great community, in more ways than one. Maybe we can turn its size to advantage by highlighting in some way (non-political, non-sectarian and non-religious) the need for peace in our troubled world.

With so many on-going conflicts around the world (not to mention famine and natural disasters, as well as man-made ones) its easy sometimes to feel, depressed and even feel that to be engaged in creating art is an irrelevance whilst so many are suffering.

However, art is a powerful tool for bringing people together across cultural and religious barriers. I think of Islamic art and its beauty and elegance and marvel at it and the artists who created it, and in doing so I am encouraged to think more positively of those who are muslims. I myself am a Christian but I can appreciate the good in all and give thanks for art and the artist.

Maybe, just maybe, we can all do something with our art to further the cause of peace, mutual understanding and respect. After all, Renderosity's members must come from all cultures, walks of life and backgrounds.

Please discuss and contribute your thoughts. Maybe we could have a competition to encourage works that represent this ideal.

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