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9:14 am

 Hope is Breath
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Blackness adds color to the problem of
Invisibility the powerful are visible to all
But are still unable to see themselves

Atoms turn probabilities into objects
And life systems which in turn become
Consciousness and self-consciousness

Hope is a certain way of breathing at
The boundary between the physical and
The spiritual hope is metaphysical

8:21 am

 About Being Human
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The astrophysicist with a tear
In his pants explains how black
Holes arenít tunnels to somewhere
Else saying donít call things God
Just because you donít understand
Them someone smarter than you
Now or in the future will be able to

He says the same elements are in us
In the same proportions that they are
In the suns I ponder we are the universe
Becoming aware of itself God is the
Experience of connectedness between us
And the universe a mystical state that tells
Us important things about being human

8:57 am

 Virtual Grace
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The little glacier in my back yard is retreating
Revealing last yearís pine cones dead leaves
And a pale green grass still frozen in sleep
A few warm days doesnít mean spring but
They do give me hope that winterís not forever

There is sound and sight in my online world
But I canít feel the cold from electronic snow
They also say we should avoid sarcasm as online
Instructors because humor is easily misunderstood
And humans at the other end still bruise easily

Finding grace in desperate circumstances is a
Topic not generally found in online courses but
Is nonetheless a useful skill in communications
Where I am the receiver the medium is ethereal and
The sender is familiar yet unseen and unknowable

6:33 am

 Artless Compassion
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Billiard balls bounce subatomic particles
Collide neuronal charges and discharges
Make meaning of a trillion ones and zeros
Which count off until we fade into dreaming

That is home of the collective unconscious
Where weíre connected in unknowable ways
To each other and to the source of life beyond
The surface of things in artless compassion

7:01 am

 Random Sample of One
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Polar bears are drowning as
The arctic ice disappears and
Oil companies pay scientists
To write that global warming
Is not caused by human activity
Or perhaps doesnít exist at all

Two modes thinking and feeling
And a third is listening to the deep
Speaking in our waking dreams
A new paradigm as old as the first
Shaman yogi or prophet choosing
To let go of what cannot be held

Weíre performing an experiment
That involves destroying the earth
In order to prove that we are separate
And distinct from it hypotheses have
Been stated and our scientists have
Selected a random sample of one

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