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3:36 pm

 The weather is weird this week.
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Monday it was in the 80 degree range.
Like winter in Livermore California
Then today Friday it is like just over 50 degrees
Like summer in San Francisco

2:08 am

 Where exactly is the west edge of cyber space?
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You may ask exactly what is a bare elf. She is me and I am her. If you know of the computer game
Dungeon Siege you may have a mod or two that I produced.
In real life I am a librarian, search and rescue worker, and also work on the family ranch.
Last year I was working search and rescue in the Southern California Wild Fires and got a bit toasted
in fact I lost my left hand, well I did not really loose it, it was just to crisp to save. But being a fan of Star Trek I am looking forward to my Borg replacement hand.
I have a wolf named Dog and a horse named red who is not red in color.
Right now I am learning to draw again with my right hand, type one handed and trying not to freak out when someone lights a bar-b-que or fire place.

In the world of Aranna (Dungeon Siege place)
I live in the castle of tears (not my tears because I have nothing to cry about) It is just the wind blowing through the castle tends to sound like someone crying. If you walk about 100 yard west of the castle cyberspace ends. This point is west of the castle so as you can see I live on the western edge of cyberspace.

Oh my I just realized that I am wearing a tee shirt that says "out of my mind, back in 5 minutes. Maybe that is why this blog sounds so silly

Good Night
Bare Elf

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