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I didn't realize until recently that a blog was even part of my Renderosity page. But now that I realize that it is, what do I do with it? Should my posts be only stuff to do with 3D art? Or should they contain stuff like any other regular blog? If anyone reads this, please let me know - I'm sooooooo confused!
For now it'll be 3D stuff I s'pose.
For so many years of my life, I had such a desire to create pieces of art. I may make some people mad when I say this but stuff like the work of Jackson Pollock which can be seen at
is not art. It's just a sloppy mess of paint flung onto a canvas. Anyone can do it and it takes no talent to do so. I don't see why work like that is considered so significant.
I admire art that takes talent to realize, such as that of Michaelangelo of Leonardo, or my personal favorites such as contemporary artists such as Christos Achilleos or Boris Vallejo, or Frank Frazetta. Eve if one doesn't admire fantasy art, one still has to acknowledge the talent it takes to create works such as theirs. If you were to take a canvas of Jackson Pollock and set it beside one of Boris' work, you could look and easily see which one took more talent to create. I don't mean to single out Mr Pollock's work, but his comes to mind most readily.
Now that I'm down off my soapbox, I'll continue; I've always had a desire to create works of art. But I lacked any significant talent to back it up. It always seemed to me that I could visualize a scene in my head, but something always got lost between my brain and my pencil. It was so frustrating! However, with Poser 5, Paint Shop Pro 6, Terragen, and a few other programs, I've been able to create pieces that help me to realize my vision. I get a lot of inspiration from songs. I'm a big sucker for classic rock (Bob Seger, Kansas, 1970's Elton John, Journey, etc). Plus I like a lot of 1980's glam metal bands. Anyhow, Geez, I sure talk a lot, don't I? I'll write more when I feel like I have something more significant to say. Maybe I'll talk about techniques sometime...

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