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5:48 pm

 Blog of the Wark: 13 weeks of dieting
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Last night I got on my digital scale for the first time in an age.

It wasn't working... 

So I changed the batteries.

Still not working...

I need a new scale.


Anyways, I have just finished 12 weeks of dieting give or take a few days (and no idea what the before or after weight were.  I tried the method I posted before in my blog.  Namely, taking 500 calories out of my diet every day.  In theory I should have lost 12 pounds.  In practice I shouldn't have gone to the buffet today. 

Joking aside I did pretty well overall (buffet included) in terms of how much I took out of my diet.  I halved the size of my breakfast and lunch.  I replaced half of the sugar in my tea with stevia (won't eat the artifical stuff).  For dinner I usually keep it to 600 calories or less (meaning I can have a little dessert at night and still make my target).  When I go to the cafeteria I don't eat everything like I used to and I don't get dessert.  So technically I should be losing weight.

Some people have mentioned seeing a small change, but I'm not sure if I have yet.  Part of me thinks my shirts are a little looser, but at the moment I'm still writing that off as wishful thinking.  Meaning I don't feel my clothes being loose enough that I have to admit that I've lost weight.

Only one downside.  First 6-8 weeks were awful.  Completely awful.  I was hungry all the time.  Pretty much literally.  For 6-8 weeks.  Having to cut a meal short with food still on the plate and my stomach crying out for food... 

It was bad. 

Bad enough I'm going to tell you don't tell a person to go on a diet and get some exercise unless you've felt that way yourself.  For that long.  It's tests your will.  It isn't pleasent to look at food, feeling hungry, and having to tell yourself no. 

Day two of my diet I heard that trying to diet kills brain cells.  I almost quit.  Luckily for me, I know global warming is a hoax, I just learned today that multiple personality disorder was originally a hoax,at one time meteors were considered a hoax according to science, someone discovered a particle that moved faster than the speed of light proving Einstien wrong... so let's just say I have a healthy skepticism of the scientific. 

All that said, I think I'm going to amend my last post and suggest to potential dieters not to drop a lot of calories out of your diet all at once.  Ease into it.  It takes will power so if you go cold turkey, you have to go into it expecting a lot of hunger all the time.  If you don't have the will to be hungry for 2 months, either ease into it or try something else.



11:42 am

 It's true, taxes never go away
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 150 years since the end of the civil war and about 100 years or so since the last of the soldiers in the civil war died, one state is still colleting property taxes designated for southern civil war vets.  Turns out most people forgot it existed. 

Yes it is being used for a park (why are we giving a park to the bad guys?) and probably some other stuff but still, it's kind of silly that a tax for the civil war is still in existance.

4:34 pm

 The secret to weight loss... I think
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I read somewhere that about 3500 Calories (kilocalories in science speak) is roughly equal to a pound of weight.  So I did a little math and if you spread that out over a year (3500/365) you get about 10 calories a day.

So, if you change your regular diet so that you eat that much less per day on average, in theory you should lose about 1 poind a year.  Want to drop 10 pounds?  Just cut 100 calories out of your normal eating habits.  You'll have to diet for a year or so and the weight will come off slowly, but a small change that you can maintain would probably be easier if you wanted to keep weight off.

This leads me to what will probably be the second thing someone has to do to keep weight off.  Instead of dieting to lose weight, the first thing you should do is change your diet so you can maintain your planned weight.  That means you start eating at whatever you'll need to keep weight off first.  Weight should slowly come off if you just maintain that eating style but once you are used to that and that becomes your new normal, then you can start thinking about real dieting if you need it.  And if you can't or don't want to cut any more food out, you should still lose weight over time it'll just take longer.


3:01 pm

 Blog of the Wark: Staying Motivated
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It's been awhile since I last blogged here.  Funny thing that, I visit the forums a lot but I don't blog much. Today I want to talk about staying motivated. 

I'm an amature modeler.  I use hex (not happy with it but it gets the job done).  My modeling skills are so-so.  Most would say mypoly counts are too high (I hate poser's smoothing).  I also can't make complex shapes that well yet much less try to work with intricate or biological designs. 

So anyways I've been working on my first major project forever now.  If you'd visit the chat (which I recommend) you might know that I've been making a dress set since the dawn of time.  It has about 6 finished pieces.  Finished as in I'm done with the mesh and UV mapping them.  Getting to the point I was ready to UV map them was a major PITA.  I learned a few things like not subdividing until after you UV map things.  I'm starting to wonder for hex at least if you need to start UV mapping from the very first step.

I've gotten as far as rigging.  About half of the pieces are rigged.  The bottom part of the dress gave me fits so I had to put that off for awhile.  Most of the other pieces came along fairly easy until I went back and started work on the sleeves. 

Long story short I hate elbows and I think the easy way to make the morph for an elbow bend is using a magnet in poser and then exporting the magnitized shape.  So anyways I was going to work on that later today (as well as last night if you want to split hairs) but for some reason my attitude for the moment is to put it off.  In fact last night I put more effort into making a "temple" for nude vickys (forgot to UV as I went, blast it all) than doing a little rigging.

I guess I've always had a problem with staying self-motivated at times.  For me I guess the key is to have a lot of things you are working on so if you don't have one thing you want to do, you can always pick up something else.  For example during the hiatus of my modeling I started  writing a little.  In recent weeks I've slowly begun to catch up on my reading.

So instead of hard motivation (the I'm going to do this one thing only) I perfer a softer form of self motivation...  since I'm not in the mood to do this one thing, I'll work on this other thing instead.  Sometimes it helps, sometimes like when it's been a week since I mowed the lawn, I have to fall back on hard methods and will power.



11:13 pm

 Blog of the Wark
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Poser and Inflation

I wanted to post this on the forums, but I was afraid it'd be too political, so here goes.


Just after the repubs took back the house there was some interesting news from the fed.  That being they decided to monitize the debt... essentially print more money to buy back loans, except now adays it's all electronic.  Long story short there's about 600 billion more USD floating around than there was in october.  Places like china and europe weren't very happy.  So what does this mean for you?


Well, two things.  The first is that with supply and demand, since the supply of the money has gone up, the demand (value) of it has gone down.  The price of everything could very well be going up.  That means to make money, poser artists either have to sell more items or charge more in order to keep up.  When butter is $4.60 a lb and gas is approaching 3 bucks a gallon, things aren't good.  So in one sense it'll be interesting to see how the poser market responds as well as renderosity and the other brokers who need us to keep buying to stay in business.


But there's a second problem.  Not all poser merchants are in the US.  For example one of the naughty poser merchants (name escapes me) is based in london or some other country that uses the british pound.  There are merchants from france and asia.  If the value of our dollar falls (which it should), that means the money you spent buying their goods last month would be more valuable than the money you'll be spending a year from now.  So bad exchange rates could push some merchants to either raise rates, move to sites that don't use the USD, or push them out of business because they can't charge any more and they aren't making enough to keep selling.


Take Aery Soul. IIRC, they were based in Italy which uses the euro.  They are also going out of business as far as I can tell because they shut down their site more or less and they aren't making anything new.  I don't know what's going on with them or why it's happening, but I'd like to use them as a fictional example.  Their products were high end and expensive.  It probably took them awhile to make one.  Now when they are selling on a USD site, they might know that they are asking people for a lot of money as it was.  They might not have been willing to compromise on quality.  As the value of the dollar fell in relation to the euro, they might have been getting the same sales and the same amount of USD, but because the value was bottoming, they might have decided that they couldn't keep it up and decided to call it quits.


Again, I don't have any info on what's going on with AS, but I just wanted to create a hypothetical example of what could be one of the results of the loss of value of the USD.  Other merchants could not support ++ morphs and make you use D3D's tools if you want them.  Some might cut quality or replace textures with mat shaders.  Others could charge more.  So as we are hit by rising prices and cutting back, overseas merchants are hit twice.  First they lose sales and then they lose value for their sales.


So part of me thinks the next year or ten could be a lean time for posering.

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