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9:43 pm

 Energy of Passion
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Light changes, tints to shades

Seasons change, hot to cold

People feel changes, the bad

But alas!

You are an energy

You make me feel vibrant, stunning

Shivers, you send

Love, you give truly and continuously

+ + +

You Are My Energy Of Passion


11:20 am

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She desires the heart of sight, but cannot grasp it

Her heart within her soul cries, yearning

I stay along her side, letting her know that another soul exists

She wishes to exist within reality

She wishes to see the beautiful world of God

Acquiring taste and smell, it still does not satisfy her

As she feels my presence, she tries to speak

Speak within words, she cannot

Only her touch acquires words

I wish . . . no what I wish does not matter . .

My love for her is more important

She, on the other world, does not see her love for others.

"To love," she said,"you must have eyes . . . ."

Helpful Note: This was written in one of my male character's perspectives within a story.

11:15 am

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Different voices, same begins

Different faces, clouded with judgment

Secrets are not shared, much trouble

Emergencies come, see me now?

Love, is it in existence?

This world is full of clowns

Who can we trust, and who we cannot?

All speak, yet no action

Purposes, where and what?

When are purposes?

Who are the ones with eyes?

+ + + + +

Who has the realy face of truth?

No clowns, where?

Does that world exist?

No secrets?

Who are the ones with eyes?

+ + + + +

Can you see the clowns?


11:09 am

 Scattered Dreams
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There are some days when my mind begins to wonder . . .

To wonder about how the ocean stays constant, never changing

Does it have feelings, as all humans do?

Do . . all humans have feelings, or do they choose to abuse and harass them?

+ + + + +

My feelings are free, free to wnonder and go as they please

My feelings and I search, search to be loved within the cruel, hateful world

+ + + + +

I wonder, is there a world with no pain?

Without suffering? Without cruelty?

+ + + + +

No matter what, I will search for that world

The world of scattered dreams . . . .


11:06 am

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Symphony of the Light of God sings

It speaks to me silently, making me feel confident

Confident in things, which makes me smile

Confident in my own hope for myself

She sings a different melody, making me wonder

Wonder about the wondrous things that God has and will create

Wonder about the future

My future

The Symphony fades away slowly like a dream

I will remember Her and Her melodies

They are never ending and never forgotten


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