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Was just sitting here in my den looking at the rain and checking my comments.Wow i thoguth not to many today whats going on i wonder?
Did maybe post at a weird time or maybe folks havent gotten there e-bots,or maybe my stuff is just not good enough to comment on?
I dont think so.I know art is subjective and well it's all a matter of opion if you dont like it dont say anything.But i have to be honest here i see stuff in the galleries that well just plain sux,badly composed or just plain stupid to(and here's my fav)The little 16 year old pervs who only know how to post nekked vic's in perverted poses.
I have noticed and even in my gallery look at my pic "views"Nice butt shot huh? 39 comments and like 4 favorites nice huh?Now look at "Along comes a Spiser"Another nice butt shot of a sexy chick in a fantasy setting...34 comments and 6 favs! nice!.
Now finally look at any one of my images that have no nudity or provaction at all and you wont find very many comments and like hardley no favs,however there are a few exceptions in there but average.
So my point is i suppose is that why is it that people have lost the eye for art and will comment on a ass shot of a chick with anti gravity titties,but wont comment on a well clothed "sci-fi" or "Fantasy" chck that is not showing her ass or tits?Why is it that people cant open an image and look at the composition or color tones,or the overall image and put togher a respectful intelligent comment on that,insted of opening the image and looking for some tits or ass and leaveing a comment that goes"Wow she's hot!"There not even looking at the art of the thing,or the time spent in painting a cloth or painting hair,i dunno it's crazy.
Maybe i am like alot of other people here and think my images deserve more comments than what i get but hell yeah i do!I spen alot of time making them and making sure they are composed well and the tones match and everything is in place and i get shit for comments sometimes? and the image next to me in the gallery of a nekkid vic with a sword and big tits has liek a ton of comments that sux!
I think it is all about who you know and how many friends you have to get decent comments.I have my regular commenters and hey thats cool i enjoy them and i am DAMN PROUD to say there my friends and i am glad they enjoy my images.
But i think it is crap that only my frineds comment on my work.
I have sat here and watched(today for example)Images all around mine getting comments and mine sites there and gets viewed.Hmmm Ok you take the time to open the image and look for tits and ass and dont find any,ok So close it out and look for one that doens,Soi why cant you open the image and since your there why not leave a decent comment?BAH!I suppose i have rambled onenough about this i just think it is shit but thats wht you get in a community,maybe i am wrong but i bet i do have a point and any one who reads this i bet will be thinking about it.
In the mean time i am goign to go surf the poser and bryce,photography,and,2-d art galleries and leave some comments,because my thoguht on the whole thing is if i take the time to open the damn image i am goign to at least the artist a comment,be it good or bad.Because after all isnt that why we check the box for people to leave a comment?
Just a thoguht.

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