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 a week in the life of Utah Dynamo
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on sundays sometimes i go to church and sometimes i don't.
before this week on mondays, wednesdays and fridays i listend to Rush Limbaugh and watched fox news , watched Bill mahr and listened to KSL1160 and the history channel.
now on mondays and fridays i get on a bus to go to work at 7:30 Am i get to work at 9:00AM
and get home around 3:00 pm
when i get home i sometimes take a nap.
but usualy at 6:00 pm i watch simpsons.
on tuesday and thursdays
i go to my other job at the supermarket and work from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm sorting produce.
on staurdays i used to get up in the morning very early around 5:30 am to watch cartoons.then after cartoons i watched star gate sg 1 and atlantis. then at 8:00pm i watch america's most wanted and at 10:00pm mad tv.
now all those shows except simpson ,seinfeld, cops and americas most wanted have been cancled.
in my spare time i surf the internet. i go to fiction press,fanfiction.net,i come here at renderosity, and discuss movies and tv shows on a website clled Pajiba and send e mails to my girlfriend who i hope becomes my wife and the mother of my kids someday.
i also hope to build a huge survival shelter stocked with 25 years of food water and medical supplies so i can save me, my girlfriend, my best friend and my extended relatives and other friend from any kind of disaster.

11:55 pm

 the beggining of what may be a good life
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yestereday i started my first day at a brand new job. i have a wholenew schedule
i go to my new job mondays and fridays. i work from 9:00 to 3:00
on tuesdays and thursdays i work my same job produce at a grocery store i check fruits and vegetables for mold and things that mkae you sick if you eat them. i do this from 11:00 to 2:00
on wednesdays i go to amens group with my social worker. the rest of my time is spent here on renderosity and fiction press .net where i write stories, a pajiba where i find out what new movies and tv shows are in store and i also read emails from my new girlfriend i hope someday she becomes my wife and the mother of my kids.

9:53 pm

 what is most important in my life
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to me what is most important in my life are my family, my extended relatives, my Best friend, My new Girlfriend and God.

2:37 pm

 my thoughts on God's true power
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God is the best friend a person can have. he can forgive almost every sin if you repent. he can resurect you from the dead, he is the most powerful weapon an army could ever ask for and he can make enemies turn into friends, he builds families, stabalizes marriages and gave us women and the ability to produce children. he can repair all the enviromentel damage. though he does have the power to destroy everything if he wanted to his real Power is the ability to create life.

9:27 am

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i don't know if any you will like it there is some offensive content in it.
The Star Maker.
In the future humanity unites under the joint command of NATO,SEATO, the United nations security council,NASA and the entire world’s military and scientific might. In this world all presidents, prime ministers and other leader have been dissolved every country is now united as one. Religious beliefs are still permitted. Soon Faster then light engines were built along with everything needed to build spacecraft and equip space troops with was invented. Great armadas traveled the solar system and reached the nearest star. Aliens were discovered some friendly and some not so friendly. Eventually Humanities greatest accomplishment ever occurred. The Star Maker A device that could create new solar systems was invented and built. Not wanting to risk accidents on earth the scientists in charge chose to launch the Star Maker into space a safe distance from our solar system for a test. To protect the Star Maker on it’s journey An armada consisting of 1 carrier, 1 battleship 2 battlecruisers 4 destroyers ,8 8 frigates, a multitude of shuttles starfighter bombers,gunships , troop transports and other assorted logistical support ships such as a hospital ship the size of the battleship Were assembled. The crew of this Armada was fifty percent male fifty percent female fifty percent white and fifty percent black with many different religious beliefs among them. The admirals in charge of This armada were a powered armor exoskeleton clad twin brother and sister who were orphaned when their father died after over dosing on viagra and overexerting himself during sex with their mother. their mother's doctor diagnosed that she would not survie giving birth and suggested abortion. instead she chose to die giving birth to them rather then abort them. After equipping and out fitting the Armada and the Star Maker loaded into the Battleship’s cargo bay. the armada was ready for the journey and it was bon voyage. Thus it begins what will happen to them, who will they meet And will their mission succeed? Read and review.
Warning abortion and extremely racist villains ahead although they will be defeated the story can’t work without them. don’t read if you are offended at this.
Chapter one
Admiral’s log we passed out of the solar system we left earth, the moon, Venus, mercury and mars. Passed through the asteroid belt past by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus ,Neptune and Pluto screw NASA for deplanetizing Pluto it’s a planet to us dammit. We passed by those newly discovered planetoids just beyond Pluto’s orbit and through the kuiper belt and the orrt Comet cloud and then we engaged our FTL drives and left. So far the crew is excited by our mission. I and my twin fear it’s probably playing God with the universe. Now we are 200 light-years away from our home system and we are ready for the test. We each had a round of prayers for good luck from our religious crew members and began the sequence. We released the Star Maker from the cargo bay and fired it up. It was powered by nuclear fusion once it had built up a self sustaining chain reaction the new star was born. Gravity pulled dust and gas around this new star and solid form planets with atmospheres formed as well as gas giants, moons, asteroids, meteors and comets formed. The process took at least a week. And it was done we had succeeded. We radioed back to the headquarter system as it was to be called if successful and reported the mission a success. Now that we had succeeded we permitted the crew to explore and populate the new system. Strangely life forms showed up on these planets we hadn’t expected that.
We permitted the crew to begin having children. One pregnant woman became a bitch and decided her life was worth more then the life of her child and aborted it much to the severe anguish of the child’s father who desperately wanted children. He got suicidal depressed and we have been unable to console him. So far our only advice is think before you kill yourself how do you know dying won’t be extremely painful?
Unfortunately evil has shown itself a rival Armada has followed us unlike ours this one was full of Aryan Brotherhood white supremacists. Their ships were adorned with swastikas, the thunderbolts, a white power fist, and a dagger through a skull and cross bones. Their leader named Der furher Fingerbang mooned us while chanting “milk milk lemonade round the corner fudge is made stick your finger up the hole out pops a tootsie roll.” Author’s note if you’ve ever used this rhyme in realife I’ll explain why it’s racist. Milk means white men, lemonade is Asians, and fudge means blacks your basically calling Asians piss and blacks crap. End authors note. Naturally our entire crew gave them the finger ,raised shields and opened fire. We fired EMPs, rail guns, coil guns, lasers, missiles, mass drivers and our good old fashioned H bombs. It turns out we were evenly matched the battle ended in a draw and Fingerbang retreated. End chapter one. Read and review.
Chapter two
Admiral’s log After Fingerbang retreated we resumed exploring the newly created solar system. The new solid form planets consist of one earth like planet, one ice planet ,one lava planet, one swamp planet, one ocean planet, one sand planet, a jungle planet and one planet rich in rare Crystals, minerals and ores needed for space ship and weapons construction as well as stuff needed to make ammo for our space weapons . The gas giants supply fuel for our ships. All except the former supported both their own environment specific aliens and humans. So we decided to build up shipyards and defenses in this system to protect it from either Fingerbang’s Armada or hostile aliens. The father whose child was aborted is still melancholy we worry about him. Me and my twin confronted the mother and told her what she did was disgracefull. Our mother sacrificed her life so we could live you have no love, no honor and no courage. This made the once righteous woman mad and she divorced the Father, left our Armada and joined Fingerbang’s Armada becoming known as Femabang. My sister took pity on the man and married him instead choosing to bear him children. She survived giving birth. But she knew it couldn’t replace that child he could have had. I myself hope to find a good woman among the crew for myself.
After word was received on earth about the projects success the scientists who invented the Star Maker built more of them and sent out more Armadas equipped with Star Makers to build more solar systems. Earth was warned about Fingerbang’s Armada. A travel route between earth and the new system was established. Fingerbang eventually built a Supernova Inducer and a Black Hole generator and tested them on a system inhabited by aliens who were friendly to our Star Maker Armada while those aliens where in their mating season. Luckily one very large alien family was off system when that happened and joined our armada. Luckily for us our Star Maker was an unlimited use device. It’s only a matter of time before our armadas confront each other again. Now that would be the true meaning of Star War if that name hadn’t been taken already. End chapter two read and review.
Chapter three
Admiral’s log today a terrible thing happened. A member of our crew abused his wife and demanded that she abort her child or he would kill her. This mother came to me screaming for help I took her in and confronted the man he was so vicious I banished him from our Armada and adopted the woman’s child as my own even though I wasn’t the father she gave birth and survived and is now my wife the child is well loved and is getting to know his adoptive cousins and getting along with them. the banished man joined Fingerbang and Femabang’s Armada becoming known as Figmabang.
So far we have lost two crew members to the enemy. On the other hand some good news two people in Fingerbang and Femabang’s Armada named the Val Kyrie couple, developed a guilty conscience, attempted a mutiny, failed and escaped from Fingerbang and Femabang’s Armada before they could execute them and joined our Armada. The Val Kyrie’s where accepted after pledging loyalty to me and my twin they brought word that Fingerbang and Femabang have found some planets rich in resources to build more ships and weapons and he is on his way for a rematch with his superweapons. In other news the alien family we took in has become very helpful and is adjusting to our new system. They love us we love them. My sister and her husband are doing well he’s no longer suicidal but still misses his unborn child. A miracle happened. We have received a spiritual visit from our Father and Mother they have become true Angels of God and are happy together in heaven and are proud of us and will give us support if we need it because Fingerbang, Femabang and Figmabang have summoned two Demons for help. God says not to worry about playing God with the Star Maker device it’s okay with him just use it responsibly and take care of what you created.
Finally the rematch happened Fingerbang, Femabang, Figmabang their Armada of super racists, their two demons and their super nova and black hole weapons fired. Me, my sister, her husband, my wife, our parents, our children, the Val Kyrie couple and the alien family and our half white, half black, half male, half female crew fired all of our weapons and the Star Maker. The blasts collided in the middle. Cliffhanger ! what happens next? Which side will be victorious? Read and review.
Chapter 4
Admirals log the star maker and super nova inducer explosion blew both Armadas back a considerable distance. A third solar system flared into existence and then was promptly destroyed in a supernova luckily there were no new alien species on any of these planets yet so it didn’t result in any deaths. After this Fingerbang, Femabang and Figmabang promptly retreated again.
Me, my twin, our families, our crew, the aliens and the Val Kyrie couple convened to the system we created the first time to workout a new plan of attack. The aliens revealed a startling ability they could shape shift or turn invisible and communicate telepathically. So they offered to spy on Fingerbang’s Armada for us. They took the Val Kyrie couple’s old uniforms. And took the form of two junior Aryan brotherhood members then left our armada and pretended to join Fingerbang’s armada. Fingerbang accepted them as new recruits and gradually warmed up to them. Strangely our forces discovered a White hole a couple light-years away from the second solar system and discovered to our astonishment that the aliens home system was intact it had not been destroyed it had actually been sent somewhere else by the Black the black hole generator was not a super weapon but the supernova inducer was. Here we found out exactly what Fingerbang was up to. The demons Fingerbang had summoned made slaves of the alien and holocaust death camps where not only where their bodies cremated alive their souls were destroyed too. According to our parents this means no going to heaven no going to hell just ceasing to exist entirely the worst fate anyone could ever suffer. Also according to our parents this is what happens to babies who are aborted and sperm cells that are killed during masturbation and unfertilized egg cells. Our mother was very glad to have died giving birth rather then do that. This terrible thing was happening to males, females and alien babies and human minorities he had kidnapped. This man was a sick and desensitized Monster! Not even the devil is that bad! Turns out the demons used where so bad that Satan himself had banished them from hell. The aliens in disguise confirmed the truth from Fingerbang himself. The Val Kyrie couple were so ashamed to have ever served with these people!That prompted us to build more ships and send them to rescue these aliens and the humans too. We couldn’t help the souls who had already been destroyed not even with the help of Angels and God but we managed to save everybody else. We promised to give closure to their families on earth. The alien shape shifters who were spying returned and where reunited with their people.
Then we went into battle with Fingerbang again this time at the system he was based at which turned out to be Garded with asteroid comets meteor and mini black holes. We both fired all our weapons again they collided in midair again. To be continued read and review.
Chapter five epilogue.
Admiral’s log the Star maker overloaded the Supernova inducer. me and my Sister personally captured Fingerbang. Femabang’s and figmabang’s exes captured those two. The Val Kyrie couple took over the enemy base, our parents destroyed the demons and our half white half black crew captured Fingerbang’s crews. We took our enemies into custody and shipped them to earth to stand trial for War crimes. We destroyed the Supernova inducer and the blueprints so another one couldn’t be built. We kept the black hole generator for safe keeping it could be useful for opening wormholes to other areas of the multi dimensional universe. We made double sure that Fingerbang did not have a plan to escape using clones, robots or time travel.
All of us including the shape shifting aliens gave witness testimony to their war crimes
The 3 where sentenced to death by firing squad. We where commended.
More solar systems, bases shipyards, fuel and ammo depots where established, more aliens created and befriended.
We where given command of the ships captured from Fingerbang and added them to our Armada.
The end. There may be a Sequel if you’re interested. Read and review.

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