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6:54 pm

 i call my sci fi series the StarMaker
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heres how it goes in the future on our earth NATO,SEATO ,the United Nations NASA and the Military all work on a joint project
and using stuff currently in testing by the Military they build Space Warships and launch them. aliens are discovered some Friendly some not so Friendly.
eventually a breakthrough is discovered and a Device capable of Creating an entire solar system is built. not wanting to have a acident on earth the scientists decide to send the device on a stellar voyage.
an armada consisting of one carrier, one battleship, two battle cruisers, 4 destroyers and 8 frigates with a multitude of shuttles ,fighter bombers, gunships and troops transports and one hospital ship is assembled. chosen to command this armada is a pair of twins a brother and a sister clad in powered exoskeletons.
the crew is made up of 50 % woman 50% men. half the crew is white and the other half black.
the twins were orhpaned when their father over dosed on viagra and their mother chose to die giving birth rather then get an abortion. fortuanetly they went to heaven and became angels of god and will provide help to their children and the crew.
their mission is to test the Starmaker device and if succesful populate the system it creates.
the villians in this series are an equally equiped armada composed of Aryan Brother hood members led by a guy named Fingerbang.
he was opposed to the starmaker project and in difiance built a super nova inducer. and he summoned two demons from hell a succubus and an incubus. he tested his super weapon on a neutral alien's home system. what was left of the aliens race decided to join the good guys and spy on the bad guys which is possible because the aliens have the ability to shape shift and turn invisible. so what do you think i already wrote the story now i need the ships ane weapons and aliens

10:33 pm

 hello my name is Bryan
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hello my name is Bryan i am 24 and i just got a girlfriend. i'm looking to raise the next generation of my family.
i traced my family history through mormon genealogy.
my hobbies are reading and writing short stories on fanfiction . net and fiction press.
i also like to imagine crossover battles between major fantasy and science fiction series.
i call myself Utah Dynamo because i'm from Utah and i resemble Napolean Dynamite.
a couple projects i'm working on. i'm working on discovering my family coats of arms from my great grand parents. i have two of them sof ar i know a third exists. i'm looking for the fourth.
and i'm working on a new scifi series of my own since Battlestar galactica,stargate and sarah connor chronicles were cancled. i loved all the star wars movies and much of the star wars expanded universe.
i'm into DC and Marvel comics charecthers.
i'm also into romance movies for tips on how to treat my new girlfriend.
i have atention deficet disorder and autism and extreme parnoia but i do love secret societies and conspiracies.
politicly I'm a right wing Republican
i proudly share my birthday with Ben Stiller unfortenly the great Evel Knievel died on my birthday.
i do not smoke drink or do any drugs. my only vice is Girls gone wild videos which i intend to stop viewing now that i have a girlfirend.
i like rootbeer and Hawaian Pizza.
i think Killer whales are awesome their bad ass enough to eat Sharks.

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