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5:54 pm

 i really love the show called ugly americans
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it's great all creatures from sci fi horror and Fantasy coming together and being managed by a Group therapist.

11:45 am

 can you apreciate the symbolisim ?
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when the tower of Babel fell all the races and religions where divided.
but on sept11 when the two towers fell all the races and religions where united.

1:34 pm

 well i added more to my story the Starmaker
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i made the aliens in it religious and family oriented. and added more ships and inventory for the troops in it.

11:33 am

 on racisim
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racisim or prejudice of any kind towards any person scares me.
i'v had terrible nightmares where i found myself a nazi and the leader of the KKK. just because my real name Rhymes with Aryan a white racial sterotype.
i love people of all races, skin colors, cultures and religions.
i love asians, blacks, jews, muslims ,christians,native american indians and people from india. and people from various european countries. my best friend is a muslim, my current girlfriend is russian, i just made friends with a south korean here and i just made friends with a black woman, now i need a jew, an indian, a chinese person a japanese person a vietnames person. my coworker is mexican and he's great to work with. i sent humanitarian aid to a woman in rwanda.
we may believe in different religions but all of our souls and spirits came from God. all of our bodies came from adam and eve.
the fall of the tower of Babylon caused us to have different skin colors, races, diferent religious beliefs and languages.
the only person i can't make friends with is an atheist because i can't take a person who dosen't believe in God with me to heaven.
and i think that's terrible that atheists can't come to heaven with me.
everybody else i could take with me to heaven.
there are a few things i'm intolerant of.
racisim is one i'm also intolerent of drugs and alcohal, tattoos, body piercings and breast implants, gangs and anarchy , abortion, divorce breakups ,sibling rivalry and the theory of evolution.

11:01 pm

 art i like
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besides sci fi ,super heroes and fantasy.
i love romance of all types with angels ghost demons vampires and wherewolves. i don't know about zombies.
i also love Titanic and other shiprecks and disasters.
i like originals, reamakes, sequels and prequels.
i love stuff based on true stories.
i love all forms of legends and mythology.
i love stories from the bible and other scriptures. i love the simpsons and futuramma i got bored of family guy and american dad.

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