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3:08 pm

 The duo is dead, long live the quad!
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Well, the worst thing imaginable for a digital artist happened to me almost two weeks ago... come back to check on a render and my machine was dead. And not just a little dead, a LOT dead... no amount of re-seating parts or buying new cooling would resuscitate it, it was a goner.

So over the past week and a half I've been waiting for payday to arrive and then the new components. I had intended to have "Santa" upgrade me this year, but it had to happen early. So now I'm tricked out with a really sweet quad-core processor and more ram. I even got one of those spiffy screwless cases and it made the assembly job silky smooth... not even one scraped knuckle trying to adjust cards or wiring. Really well-organized case and totally worth the expensive price at the local retailer. The rest of the (lighter and cheaper to ship) parts were internet ordered.

So I'm taking one more day off after staying up till 4 am installing Windows, and then it's back to creating. Hopefully. I've missed my window for the spooky Halloween projects I had planned so it's back to the idea board.

11:55 am

 Still chugging along
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I'm using new software (yay, MODO... I think I've found *the one*) so it took me a while to figure out my new UV tools and how to work things. The Clutter Collection: Bathroom is proceeding apace... a shampoo bottle, soapdish, and bar of soap are pretty much finished. I awoke at 4am this morning and tried my hand at a toothbrush... I am NOT too sure about it. The handle at the base of the bristles came out all funky. I may start it again from scratch.

Today is MOM'S DAY OFF... which means no running children to the schoolbus, and best of all, ordering pizza for dinner so that I don't have to cook. Mom's day off has saved my marriage... I highly recommend it to you all. However, even though I was going to take the day off from modeling, I am SO jazzed about MODO 301 *possibly* being released today that I couldn't help going into the (201 version of the) program and noodling around. Which means it will be twice as hard to learn the new program when I get it, ha ha. Can't help it though, must create!

9:52 am

 Jumping back in...
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My interests run in cycles. I've tried to change it, but it never really works for me. So here I am on another 3D cycle, modeling like a mad wee thing. My problem is I get so many ideas in such a short time, and I can't seem to model fast enough.

Currently I'm working on the basis for what I call the "Clutter Collection". A variety of little doo-dads you'd find cluttering surfaces of your home or place of work. Unfortunately, while starting the "Bathroom set" I got side-tracked by the idea to make a sink. So that's taken the better part of a week. :D And now I'm avoiding making the doo-dads by writing this blog... see how it works?

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