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12:07 pm

 Can't contain the excitement!
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So here I am reporting from my new school-appointed laptop... a Macbook.  *groan*  Oh well, industry-standard, they say.
Wait, did I just say "school"?  Why yes, I did!

What am I going for?  Video game art.  Hell frickin' yes!  All those nice shiny programs I've been wanting or the last two years are now at my disposal.  I can finally be able to do this stuff at a professional level, and I can't wait!  Yay for Full Sail Online!
I never thought I'd ever be excited for school.  Who knew?  I'm actually gonna DO something with my life!!
On a sadder note, the damned sun tore my ass up when I went tubing down the river.  My legs are so dad-gum burned I can barely walk on them.  And this was 3 days ago.  Before you judge, YES, I PUT ON SUNSCREEN.  Frickin' river water must have washed it off.  Either that or I really AM a vampire.

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