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5:13 pm

 Well it's been a while....
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...and then a strange thing happened today.

I figured that the Bryce Forum wasn't really the place for this as it would get lost in the mists of time and alternative universes - or should that be Universii? - so here goes.

Well ok so now I'm a Mod and the banners that say 'The Bryster's Forum' seem to have been somekind of prediction I had way back when. Who says you can't predict the future?(Kidding) I do have to say that I am very grateful to everyone who has given me their support over these past few months. Folks have been very patient and helpful and it is appreciated.

Being a mean Moderator has horrendous power that comes with awesome responsibilty...or is that the other way around? Whatever. The work is fun, interesting and diverse. And contary to popular belief, doesn't involve quite as much torture as you might think.

Mrs Bryster and I have not been well as of late. Age is a terrible thing when it catches you unawares. Then there's this pandemic bug that seems to be sweeping the internet. At least everyone I know via the net seems to have had the trots and the heaves. Plays havoc with my modelling skills. Have you ever tried to boolean whilst sitting on the can with your pants around your ankles?

But in the midst of all this, a very strange thing happened today. You see, we recently discovered, thanks to my son spotting pinpricks of light coming through solid brick, that our kitchen's back wall was desperately trying to part company with the rest of the house - the kitchen being an extension - and go on a tour of our back garden.

To prevent things going too far, and before it had time to book a flight on Virgin Atlantic, we called the insurance guys and after a pretty straight forward negotiation, the work started on time, finished on time and now the wall has been told in no uncertain terms that it is going nowhere due to the several tonnes of underpinning concrete and steel rods now impacted in various strategic (and probably painful) places.

Not only that, but the insurance actually, and to our amazement, included a complete decorating job of the kitchen interiour!

So this really nice fellow pops over today to look at the work and ask Mrs Bryster about her prefered colour scheme and tell us when the work will start/finish/smell nice/look good and all that kind of thing. Great! So we smile at each other, shake hands, and get ready to show him to the door when he spots the Bryce Canyon screen-saver on my pc.

"That's Bryce Canyon!" he declares, much to my surprise.

Thinking he has the same screensaver, I reply, "Yes it is!"

"I've been there!" he pipes up.

Well you could have picked my bottom jaw up off the floor! This guy had actually been flown out to LA (I think) for a charity bike ride, along with loads of others, through of all places the Bryce Canyon!!!!

I then had fun explaining my interest in all things Bryce for the next half hour while he had fun telling us just how amazing the canyon really is. Small world, isn't it?

Till next happy, stay safe and don't forget to boolean!

10:24 am

 Just when I thought it would safe to start Brycing again......
 4 comment(s) pc gives me the two fingered blue screen of death, my MIL dies, my SIL dies and so does her mother, work piles up, bills pile up, I scratch my glasses so bad I can hardly see, the cat needs a dentist, my car screams when I drive it, I get a parking ticket, Asbos frequent the neighboughhood along with their drug-dealing friends, I lose everything on my pc on 2 hdds - 250gigs of my life disappear including that really awesome pic from Ridley Scott's 'Alien' movie I've been working on in secret for 3 months and my latest Duel of the Apps wips, my Doc tells my I have arthritis in my spine and it won't get better with age and there's nothing he can do about it 'cept give me pain-killers and a life-time ticket for a wheelchair I already have, forget how to use paragraphs.

On the plus side....I now have Bryce 6, a laptop and therefore a potential render-farm to deal with the 20 or so Bryce projects I have lined up.

Just makes me want to break the laws of physics....oh...I did that already...

11:46 am

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This is a blog? I'm now a blogger? I am blogging?
Answers please on the back of a 10 note....

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