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5:18 pm

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Okay, for starters I'm not much of a blogger (my poor, neglected blogs are a sad testament to that fact), so I'll probably use this little one here for keeping an eye on my Terra-progress. Which, at this point, is in REVERSAL *sigh*.

'Thing is, I've been away-from-home (and my lovely computer) since May, busy with stuff that had nothing to do with art of any kind. And so back home I come, estatically hugging my HAL2008 (yes, I name my computers), I start Terragen and... and... keep staring at the screen for a while, trying to remember how to make child-surfaces, and how to get really good clouds, or sandy-like surface ... I even messed with camera positioning for waay to long... I couldn't remember half the stuff that I had known back in April!

It's not like I have to (re)learn everything all over again, but instead of merrily rendering away for several nights until I fell asleep - like I thought I would - I have to go slowly over every.single.freaking.little.detail. and remind myself what it's for! When I realized that (sometime yesterday) I got depressed. And had to eat half of a box of chocolates, darn it.

I wish I had photographic memory, or some nifty sci-fi-like brain backup I could just plug into my head when I needed to know something.


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