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6:31 pm

 Ahh Halloween . . .
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Well here it is Halloween again and this year I actually get to enjoy it. Last year I was on the road bring my personal belongings up here to the great state of Indiana (what folks back home call North Texas).

Anyhow, I'm relaxing here eatin some poor kid's candy. I really must speak to the neighbors about their choices in what to feed their house apes. But even if it's cheap trash I can never get enough of watching the children: They come to the door in their cute little fire-retardant costumes and in unison declare "Trick or Treat". Who am I to fly in the face of tradition, so in a jolly voice I call out, "Sic 'em Chuck!" and my pet chupacabra gets after 'em, chasing every single one until he can retrieve their candy bags. I chuckle all year long thinking about their terrified screams. Heck, it's even double fun if the parents are accompanying them - waiting out there by the curb and all. They holler ever better! And it's Chuck's favorite holiday, of course. (His real name is Carlos, but he wants folks to think he's from Texas so I give him a little elbow room on that.) His little antics work real good up here. Guess they don't see many 'round these parts. He likes the cuisine, too: 'coons galore, instead of the strays around the oil refineries. He used to complain about how they tasted funny. Gave him gas in the worst way, too.

Well, I hear some cute little urchins headin up to the front door. Good. This bag's almost empty.

Happy Halloween, Yall! And don't worry, I'll pet Chuck for you!


4:16 pm

 Exorcism, tumors, Wings, Waves.
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Well, I'm finally back in the saddle after being smacked into a wall by the Sality virus. I barely had enough functionality to download an emergency scanner (I hadn't updated my Norton for years. what a duh!) After performing the exorcism I had to surgically remove the dead tissue and tumors. After reloading some of the things I use often, like Windows, I went for new armor in the form of McAfee. Now all is well in the cemetary.

I just got Wings 3D and have been playing around with it. It's not your be-all, end-all modeler but it does do some things (actually a lot) that Bryce won't and it's small and quick & easy to learn. There are free tutorials too, I guess for more advanced ways to use it. But I like it for doing the quick little things you wish Bryce would do. Speaking of which, how do you export an object from Bryce? I wanted to save a coffee pot but when it (the pot) was highlighted 'export object' was grayed out.

In related news, I just reinstalled Lightwave. I had it on my machine before but it looked too arcane when Bryce was calling out, "Use me, I'm Sooo easy!" But I'm doing the fresh start thing and I want to learn LW. Also, I got some video tutorials for it. Its modeler is Way Bad!, but also very in depth to learn. However, so was machine language when I first started programming and I have since written many sophisticated applications with it. (I use Powerbuilder now, ML takes too long.) I know - walking sucks when you've been riding for so long but I'm trying to keep the end result in mind. I think (read: hope) it's mainly a matter of getting a handle on their approach to the structure of a 3d object/scene and figuring out the controls. Not so hard - just takes a little time and effort.

I just downloaded Windows Xp service pack 2. Support for SP1 ends on Oct. 10 and since I'm more or less redoing my whole machine anyway . . It took forever to get and install but now everything is running fine. In the midst of that operation McAfee kept reporting viruses and wanting to do a complete scan so when I got to a stopping point I let it do its thing. It found 411 infected files and Cured Every One! Cool! So when Windows popped up after the new update saying it was going to take over virus protection I stopped it cold. McAfee's Awesome! It humbly told me that if I used windows' virus stuff there would be conflicts and asked which I wanted to use (instead of insensitively trying to take over everything and stomping on performance in the process). So guess which I chose. hehe!

12:10 pm

 Daze of our Lives
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This is just our online journal . . sort of. We, myself and Brenda (aka 'justalice' here) are usually doing something interesting when we're not working on pictures to post here or songs to post on Acid Planet or poetry to post on All Poetry. lol! So, unless something Really thrilling happens, this will be to record our day to day adventures.

Yesterday we went hiking in France Park. We go there a lot because, well we're addicted to natural beauty and being outdoors. But also it's nearby and almost always holds something interesting many times that we've never seen before. It's a beautiful place and even though we know it well, with the changing seasons, storms, etc. it always seems a little different. Or maybe we just have Alzheimer's.
Anyway, yesterday we saw something akin to mushrooms (Brenda's always on the lookout for strange fungus - even Not during morel season) that niether of us ever saw. Maybe she'll post the shot we got of it. It looked like a sort of double mushroom but with no caps on the stalks. It didn't appear to have been eaten, I'm pretty sure it grew that way. We couldn't find it in our book of Indiana mushrooms & fungus either. It wasn't something to write home about but with the humidity and dewpoint way down from what it has been, the walk was great!

Today we're making Shrimp Gumbo!! I've been craving this since I left Texas and now it's on the stove doing its magical thing. Sooo, I better go make some of my perfect rice and bust out a cracker or two. Hope you have a fine Thursday!

3:00 pm

 This is my first blog post!
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Yep, I have Never posted on a blog before, much less had one of my very own. So here we go . . .

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