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 My fist Blog Entry: Something to get off my chest...
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One of the hardest stumbling blocks is learning how to make better renders, especially when you've got little to no helpful feedback on the image. Sure, show it to friends, they say WOW! Great Stuff! AWESOME! Well, that stroked my ego, but did little to help improve my skills to make the images look proper. I ventured over to DeviantArt, setup a gallery there, but I think thats the worst thing I ever could of done. It had just about turned me away from this fascinating hobby but good.

When you've got about a dozen images in D.A, certainly it'd generate some feedback right? I was wrong, dead wrong. My most popular image - Neti Sith Female had the highest views of 300+ , the most favs counting at 4, and 1 whopping comment. Second runner up was the 2145 French Village picture, coming in at half those statistics. Every other image was pitifully worse statistically. And I couldn't figure out or fathom why. It really had made me begin to self doubt myself, thinking my work is utter crap, dredges of garbage comparable to a 2yr old's crayon drawings, but the 2yr old by virtue of their young age gets praised for their creative efforts.

And yet, when I browsed through D.A at random, I think I had seen the entire gamut of images in people's galleries- from slightly better than 2yr old crayon scribbles to photo artistic nudes to some fine drawn & rendered art, and probably some of the most sickest, disgusting stomach churning imagery that I could've ever thought possible. Only second to that last offensive content was the fact that all those galleries in their range of content all had billions of favs equal to their billions of glowering commentary praise. I had to wonder what sort of D.A inner circle society was everyone but me an exclusive member of? Or was I never meant to be artistically creative? More like a foreign intruder or substance, trying to eck its way in and repeatedly being ignored and cold shouldered?

Sure, I'd get ideas for new scenes to try to make, but with each one, it became more of a dread, knowing it'd be no better than the rest, just another picture with a few views, a fav or two at best and nothing more. I tried two last resorts -
1.) posting a rant in the journal area on the D.A gallery page. About how people collect pics into their favs without effort, and how it was good etiquette it was practised to thank the person who added your work to their favs collection. But nary was there any requirement for even the briefest moment of time to leave a nice comment about the artist's image. The journal entry rant got no responses. Typical.

2.) Daz3d's artzone. Yeah I thought i'd give that a whirl. Spent the time uploading to the gallery there. It pretty much ties with D.A. A few views, and little else.

Was hoping I'd even get a nice compliment or a helpful positive critique too much to expect or receive? And folks, I'm talking about a timespan from March 2008 til now. Words can't describe the disappointment or letdown. My stuff must've been that ungodly aweful, a perverse to 3d art.

Well, I guess I could try Renderosity. I'm buying more stuff in the store here now, and even contacted one of the merchants with a question about their product. It was a very positive experience trading a few site mails. Next month I'll make a purchase at the vendor's store, and I'll finally be able to continue with one of my waiting project ideas.

So I thought what the heck, I've got nothing to lose, and thought I'd upload one of my art pieces from earlier this year to the gallery here. Doing so was probably the greatest thing I could've ever done. Within minutes, mere minutes I begun getting positive and helpful comments. I couldn't believe it, and I was touched. I'm still feeling truly touched. Words can't really describe it.

I think I finally found somewheres for a gallery to call home. People are kind and friendly here, taking the time and effort to post something, be it complements or helpful critique. As I said in the notes portion of my first upload here, my work may not be perfect but i'm still learning and trying. And finally I'll truly be able to start learning and improving, finding out where I need to work on areas, what to improve and fix. What will make the image and future images look better.

Thats all I wanted to say for now. What i've been through til now - plenty of heartbreak and dispair, and the simple joy from being here just a couple first days here have brought. Had I known to try uploading to this gallery first. Live and learn.

To those who offer a comment or constructive criticism, Thankyou. Its most appreciated with heartfelt sincerity. If you've read this blog post, you now know why.

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