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7:15 pm

 Mana-Sama and me
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I decided to start this blog up again as I've been feeling in the mood to share (or would the correct word happen to be "inflict" ?).

I recently suffered a SEVERE disappointment in my little life. SEVERE, in fact it was HEARTBREAKINGLY DEVASTATING :(

After much searching I finally found a site I could trust to obtain clothing from a web store in Japan. Ah, how happy I was! Moi-meme-Moite was within my reach!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the gods of the universe, the designer at Moi-meme-Moite is Mana (or as he is universally refered to-- Mana-Sama). Mana was one of the orginal founders of the legendary band Malice Mizer. And during the time the band was together he designed all of the stage costumes.

In 1999 he started his own line (Moi-meme-Moite) to share his creations with the rest of us. And they are stunning things indeed :P Mana invented Elegant Gothic Lolita (for women) and Gothic Aristocrat (the men's line). And the names of those 2 lines should tell you what the style is.
Mana is the model for both lines.

Alas, Mana's store sells online ONLY in Japan. So those of us not fortunate enough to reside there must use a purchasing service or agent. Which I found, and thought heaven was within my grasp. I ordered a few items to test the service out--socks, a cross necklace, and a bag. All came promptly and were perfect. So I geared up and toddled off to order the outfit of my dreams. The rather pricey outfit of my dreams. Mana-Sama ain't cheap.

And then I CRASHED against an INSURMOUNTABLE barrier! 82 cm!! Yes, 82 cm :(

My fashion idol has betrayed me in the cruelest of ways. He cuts his clothing only in an 82 cm bustline ^_^ (82 cm is 32.2 inches).

I haven't been that small since I was 10 years old. Even at my skinniest (in the late "70's) when I weighed well under 100 lbs I was still bigger than that.

So I had to slink away, an outcast from style heaven.

Here is the link if any one wants to see the store.

8:53 pm

 My 3DS addiction
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I must admit that I have become a bit addicted to Turbosquid. I buy one or two things there every month (at their prices I can't afford more).

Why? I made the mistake of learning how to import and resize 3DS models. BAD IDEA,VERY BAD IDEA. BAD SOCAL,BAD.
I've always wanted super realistic props and sets. And the 3DS stuff is incredible.

Especially GiiMann.Have you seen his stuff? I adore it.
I'm trying to talk my family and friends into treating me to one of his $450 steet scenes. I can think of at least 20 renders for it. No luck so far. No one loves me that much :(
Well, a girl can dream, can't she?

I still am trying to figure out how to use some of the stuff. But that's par for the course. I have always bought stuff over my ability level to work with. I tend to believe in "someday". The problem is that I want "someday" to be NOW :)Ad that is almost the story of my life.

Oh, and why is my radio station currently playing Donnie and Marie Osmond?

11:35 pm

 I have a Blog?
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Heavens, I feel TERRIBLY modern here :) And I'd probably feel even more modern if I actually knew what a blog was!

None-the-less, here it goes.

I took my cat to the vet today for teeth cleaning and his summer shave. Now he's skulking around giving me dirty looks. Not as effective as he thinks. He's a long-haired blond tiger cat with a crew-cut on his body and legs, big fluffy feet and a poof on the end of his tail right now.

I've been rendering an image since 4 pm today, and just realized I'm going to have to restart it. I forgot to set the background to black. Sigh, that's the problem with getting old. I forget stuff I forgot to remember to do.

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