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 Response to 'callad's pinup pic comments
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One of our fellow Rendo artists, 'callad', posted an image and remarked that he was turning off the ability for folks to leave comments on any of his future posts. He felt that the comments he was getting were either 'rubber stamps' or negative, and that he didn't want to deal with them anymore. He got a huge number of responses to his comments, and I posted one as well, reprinted below.

Here's a link to his picture:

It looks as if you've really touched an nerve with your comments, Charley, and I'm amazed at the amount of responces that you've gotten. And not just the 'rubber stamp' kind... well thought out and (for the most part) correctly spelled! This has got to be some kind of record! ^_^

So, since you asked, here's my take on the subject...

I stumbled onto this site a little more than a year ago when I was looking for art tutorials, and after looking around for a while, decided to try my hand at this so called "3D art". I must admit the 'nekkid chicks' caught my eye at first, but then I started noticing the really ingeneous work of many of the artists here, and thats what made me buy a 2nd hand copy of Poser from Ebay, and some content disks.

Although I first used it as a learning tool for my figure drawing hobby, soon I was learning more and more about the 3D medium, then graduated to other software packages and so on. What started out as a hobby I'd been messing around with since I was a school boy has turned into a real interest for me, and I take a fair amount of pride in some of the images I've been able to create. Its safe to say I really owe any improvement in my skills to our fellow artists here at Rendo (and the other art sites).

Like you, I've looked through the 'art charts', and I've been 'fortunate' enough to make the list a couple of times. Not that I think I have skills enough to out do some of the more amazing artists here, but because a couple of folks have (out of the goodness of their hearts) decided to favorite a bunch of my pictures at once. (and for that I'm very grateful to them, and consider it an honor!)

Now, I've noticed the 'rubber stampers' and the 'good jobbers' here, and I consider them part of the territory. There were 3700 folks at once on the Rendo site yesterday. With all that traffic and folks posting images, you just can't take the time to write every one of them a chapter and verse. Not unless you live on the site, and I've got other things to do. I must admit that I've been guilty a time or two of leaving 'cut-and-paste' comments, so that I could let folks know that I thought their work was note worthy, but that I didn't have the time to write more.

The folks who seem to consistantly stay on the charts have found the secret, and that is "sex sells"! Also, the folks who have built up large followings for their work tend to stay up there as well. Although I'd love to see my name up there eventually, I'm very proud that about 20 to 30 people who's artwork I really admire, take the time to give me a pat on the back when I post one of my unworthy pics to the site. And I darn well try to repay the favor as best I can. I also check the 'what's new' section and type a few words of encouragement to some of the newer artists on the block, the way folks did to me when I was first starting out.

In the end, I agree with you that endlessly fishing for 'attaboys' tends to cheapen the more heartfelt comments, but when you think about it, posting a picture that you've spent some time and effort putting together to the site takes a fair amount of guts. Your 'baring your soul', and inviting critique. And even if almost all of the comments you get are fluff, that just makes the one or two real words of praise or scorn all the more meaningful, and something you can use to bring your art to the next level. Personally, I find more value in the critical appraisals, because thats where I learn things I can put into practice the next post.

Thanks for posting this. I applaud your open letter to the community, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the discussion. I will be favoriting you and checking in on your work from time to time. And, I hope to have the opportunity to post a "nice job" comment to one of your images in the future.

Tom M.

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