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2:44 am

 Keep Interview posts a succes.
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Just a gentle reminder. Make sure to note special thanks to those that conduct interviews and up coming events in all areas of Renderosity.
Showing support not only helps those who's hard work you care but pushes them to do better in coming articles.

Make March a month for putting a new artist under your wing. Be pleasant and insightful an help improve there creative artistic talent.
Trust me a new artist will be thank full you
took the time an vented interest in their

12:28 pm

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Grand Masters of Music from New Zealand. I present to you "Key-Gen Records" Sadi and Zen. Both Members from Renderosity. I can some up there music in a few words. "Electronic with a twist". Sadi is the vocals of the group. Bright, beautiful and lots of class. Zen is the master behind the setup and performance. Both met a few years back and have been a success story ever since. You can see some of there work on you tube just search for KeyGen Records.Since taken on the roll of Manager / Supervisor at Pro-Tex Security firm theres nothing but KeyGen music in theoffice. Through music or in Person Sadi and Zen are an inspiration to young musical talent.

sgt2005 now appearing in "KeyGen's" Movie

"Internet People" found on you tube.

Special Thank you out too Sadi and Zen, Grand Masters of what you expect from great music.

© Keygen Records 2007.

4:12 pm

  College Update !!!!
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OK After these next 5 weeks in Algebra its off into my degree classes.

Renderosity has a lot of new artist go check them out and give your support. They will become better because of your support.

Amapi Forum being reworked. Interested in learning about Amapi? or looking for a good Amapi tutorial?
How about getting creative and making a banner for the Amapi forum? All these new things coming and more!!!!!

Halloween is coming, join in the contest.

7:05 pm

 "Paradise Lost" Case, "Updated"
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Update as of August 21,2007.

DNA/ Hair follicle found in the knot of one of the boys belongs to Steven branches step Father of one of the boys, "Mr. Hobbs". This proves that the murders were not any of the three teenagers wrongfully accused in this case.
ODNA tests are ongoing and Mrs. Hobbs is requesting a retrial accusing her ex husband as taking part in these terrible crimes. Paradise lost was about three young boys savagely stripped of clothing and beaten
one who's private parts were ripped from his body.
It is of my opinion since following this case closely that christipher byres step father, (Mark Byres) If not followed through with these disgusting murders took some part in them. It is also speculated he had killed his wife the following year.

More on the case can be found here :

7:19 am

 SGT2005 Returns to help Renderosity
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Hi to all. I am currently still in college but have shifted my hours around to make room to continue my help on renderosity. I noticed some current changes in the forums. Any Idea were Angel1 went? Anyhoots I will be back in full forum in the chatroom department as well as spicing
up amapi forum both of my own doing. Hope to see all back in the chatroom. :) Sgt2005 Bill.

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